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I love films that offers more than one way of understanding it.Alain Resnais’s Last Year at Marienbad did the exact thing to me,the ambiguity of time and space,the intentional still performance from the actors,all provide me some kind of uncertainty of the story and the characters.Renair said it is a film you should sense,not try to comprehend,but a film geek… Read more »

20 June 2012 | Cinema Masterpieces

When you see the title,you know something big is happening on this blog,right? Yes,it’s my 100th post on Taste of Cinema,and I’m gonna share my 100 geeky movie facts with you guys to celebrate the event. 1. I once imitated the famous dance of John Travolta in Pulp Fiction at home,my wife filmed it and saved the file somewhere I… Read more »

13 June 2012 | Other Lists

After re-visiting Martin Scorsese’s classic black&white film Raging Bull in the gorgeous Blu-ray format,I was BLOWN-AWAY.I think it’s the best work of both Scorsese and De Niro and Michael Chapman’s cinematography is one of the best in American cinema history. Though it was voted only the third greatest sports movie of all time after Rocky and Bull Durham by ESPN,I… Read more »

11 June 2012 | Cinema Masterpieces

My wife Doris recently listed her top 10 favorite films of all time on her Chinese blog,I decided to do a copy here after asking for her permission(yes,even she’s my wife).I do this for 2 reasons: 1.I’m proud of this list,I’m proud of the fact that she already saw half of it before we met,and I’m also proud that she… Read more »

05 June 2012 | Film Lists

For this blog-a-thon started by Nostra of My Filmviews, it’s about listing the 10 best actors ever where on person passes on that list to another where they can remove one actor in that list and insert a new one. It’s a simple contest but given that there’s so many actors, it’s a very difficult thing to do. Here’s what Nostra… Read more »

04 June 2012 | People Lists

Today I’m writing something very personal.Yeah,Brighter Summer Day,Chungking Express,Raining in the Mountain etc etc are my fave Chinese language films,but this one,Xiao Wu by Mainland China “Sixth Generation” director Jia Zhangke,is the only one which made me have a sudden impulse to make films,make films just like his.   The Intro Quotes I know many of you may have never… Read more »

01 June 2012 | Chinese Films

May has been a terrific month,one of the most important months for me as a cinephile,I would call it a breakthrough.In the past month I’ve discovered and re-discovered some of the greatest film artists the world has ever had,if you have watched all these genius work in a single month,I bet you must be as excited as I am now.So… Read more »

31 May 2012 | Others

Last week I held a competition of director matchups,15 sets of votes came to me from my blog and Facebook.The results surprised me a little,since there are only 3 pairs which have the gap equal or smaller than 3 votes.Anyway,let’s have a look at the list again: 1.F.W.Murnau vs Fritz Lang 2.Charlie Chaplin vs Jacques Tati 3.Billy Wilder vs Frank… Read more »

28 May 2012 | Lists, Others

I’ve watched two documentaries recently,one is Hearts of Darkness:A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse,which is considered to be one of the best making-of documentaries in any dvds/Blu-rays.The other is The Beatles:The First U.S. Visit,easily the best visual extensions of the greatest band ever.What interests me about these two films are the intimacy the camera brought me,the intimacy between me and the characters,the intimacy… Read more »

24 May 2012 | Others

Last time I compared 15 pairs of classic films on this blog,this time I decide to go one step further with a director poll,another 15 matchups are carefully chosen and wait for your votes.The longer you stuck here,the more struggles you have,the happier I am,it proves that the pairing works.As usual,I am the first person to accept the torture,below are… Read more »

22 May 2012 | People Lists

Last week I did a matchup of classic films,15 pairs of gems gave some of my commentators a pretty hard time.I loved the diversity of the votes,it differentiates us from each other as individual film-goers with unique tastes.I got 15 sets of answers from here and Facebook,some of them are incomplete due to the difference of each individual’s cinema experience,but anyway,each… Read more »

21 May 2012 | Others

When talking about wuxia film,King Hu‘s Raining in the Mountain is a quintessential one.Not only because it has actions in wuxia style,but also it explains the meaning of Zen perfectly well.After his other masterpieces like Come Drink with Me,Dragon Inn and A Touch of Zen,his unique artistry reached pinnacle with this film. The Story An esquire brings a female thief and his bailiff… Read more »

17 May 2012 | Chinese Films

How many times have we seen boring Hollywood original vs sequel comparisons like Godfather vs Godfather 2,Terminator vs Terminator 2,Die Hard vs Die Hard 2? I’ve seen too many of those and want to do something different today,how about something Non-Hollywood  and has nothing to do with sequels?All those films below are great films from the Non-Hollywood world,if there has to… Read more »

15 May 2012 | Film Lists

When I began watching films,I always had the wrong impression that if the image of a film is beautiful,it is the director’s credit.Of course I figured that out lately and found that it is the cinematographer who does the execution of the shooting,as I watched more and more films,I noticed more magic in the film cinematography,the color,the composition,the lighting,the camera… Read more »

07 May 2012 | People Lists

Ranked as No.1 in movieview(the No.1 movie magazine in China)’s 100 Years of Hongkong Cinema, The Love Eterne is more than a classic,it’s more like a legend in terms of its achievements and importance in Hongkong cinema history.If you’d like to see something quintessential Chinese,this one should be your first choice. The Artform All the dialogues in the film is sung in Huangmei… Read more »

06 May 2012 | Chinese Films

As having  been mentioned in my previous post of Three Colors:Blue,FATE is a major theme in all Kieslowski’s films.In the last segment of Three Colors Trilogy,the bond between the 3 main characters(Valentine,the old judge aka. Joseph,the young judge aka. Auguste) reaches the highest point.It is easy to perceive the relationship between Valentine and the old judge because they are directly… Read more »

04 May 2012 | Cinema Masterpieces