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Few would argue that the past decade’s constant stream of horror film remakes has not been detrimental to the genre as whole. The vast majority of these remakes are completely unnecessary and while there is absolutely no substitute for genuine creativity or fresh takes on horror material, bright spots do exist in the field. Classics like Philip Kaufman’s Invasion of the… Read more »

21 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Production designers, or art directors, are responsible for the look of a film. They often have a simple question to answer; will the narrative’s setting work better by being created in a studio, or by being filmed out on location? It’s important to remember that everything that you see on screen in a film has either been placed there deliberately,… Read more »

20 March 2014 | Features, Other Lists

A film’s aesthetic and visual palette can largely determine its mood, feel and even themes. Production, costume and art design all massively contribute to a film’s look, as well as the cinematography and directorial choices. Some filmmakers use visual extravagance and excess for no real point, making their films feel emotionally vapid and pointlessly indulgent (Baz Luhrman and Tarsem Singh… Read more »

19 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Many science fiction and futuristic films take place far, far out in the future showing us dazzling possibilities of what life on Earth may be like hundreds or even thousands of years from now. Will we be floating in large spaceships fighting hideous monsters like in the Alien films? Will there be a Star Fleet with a USS Enterprise? Will… Read more »

19 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists

The March release of The Grand Budapest Hotel, within its limited release, has already reached the highest takings for any independent film in 2014. Wes Anderson has enjoyed mainstream success, most significantly since the Royal Tenenbaums (2001), and Grand Budapest sets a new bar for the ambitions of “independent” films. What Anderson has managed to do is completely sell his… Read more »

18 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Religion (mainly Judeo-Christian religion, Hollywood has not evolved that much) is trending this year. Three major Bible-themed motion pictures come out in 2014. Son of God with a pretty Jesus (Diogo Morgado), takes his turn getting nailed to the cross. Noah (Russell Crowe) will definitely need an umbrella soon. And Exodus stars Christian Bale as Moses, who goes from conning… Read more »

17 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists

In recent years, television has slowly stretched its beautiful, large wings. It’s successfully been proving itself as the new medium for filmmakers to use as their easel. Its “seasons” of episodes generally give writers a more flexible time schedule for character development. A character can be developed over numerous episodes and audiences can see the process take place gradually –… Read more »

16 March 2014 | Features, Other Lists

The internet is littered with lists which tell you about the one bad movie a good director made during their career but there’s not that much to be found when it comes to good films made by not so good directors. In this list you’ll find ten of those. Some of the chosen directors will be controversial whilst others will… Read more »

15 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists

For many Vincent Price is that twisted uncle that in the recesses of our minds we can recall, but have never met, as he was part of a lot of people’s formative years growing up. He was a journey man popping up on various B-grade horror films, afternoon schlock, variety shows and even an episode or two of Batman and… Read more »

13 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists

If someone walks in on you while watching a kung fu movie, they’re likely to make a remark something along the lines of “What the hell are you watching?” There’s nothing to justify such a disdainful attitude—kicking others in the face while grunting and whooping loudly is a perfectly normal activity for most people, and the depiction of it in… Read more »

12 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists

YouTube has provided us with so many classics over the years; from cats doing silly things to people embarrassing themselves, YouTube has proven its worth. The great thing about YouTube is the people that use it, putting up videos as serious as their political views and as silly as them buttering the floor for their roommate. Today’s people are getting… Read more »

11 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists

No doubt over the past few weeks you have seen countless lists dedicated to Valentine’s Day. “The best romantic comedies!” or “Movies guaranteed to impress your date!” and the ilk have probably been crawling all over the news feed of whatever social media site you browse when you’re supposed to be working. Now that the holiday is over, however, all… Read more »

11 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Filmmaking has always been, and will always be, a process of collaboration and compromise, due to the meeting of art and commerce. Inevitably conflicts will arise between those involved, sometimes to the benefit, but often to the detriment of the works being created. Hollywood’s history is rife with stories of behind-the-scenes’ ego clashing between producers, directors, actors, etc., for many… Read more »

10 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists

A common complaint of movie critics and some viewers is that heroes and villains in film often lack in motivation. Villains often can get away with megalomania or some sort of disorder, but heroes usually don’t. This problem has plagued storytelling since the beginning, and it’s usually solved with the introduction of what we now know as a macguffin. Sir… Read more »

06 March 2014 | Features, Other Lists

Once in a while a talented director and actor will hit it off and continue working together on multiple films. A certain trust and bond develop and the multiple collaborations result in the pair growing together whilst getting better at the creative process involved in the art of film making, often leading them to make even better films , the… Read more »

05 March 2014 | Features, People Lists

Some actors are well-publicized career switchers and use that to promote their directorial efforts. But more actors than you may know have taken the reigns behind that camera to mixed results. Here we find 20 films that were the directorial efforts of some surprising famous faces.   20. Gridlock’d Directed by: Vondie Curtis-Hall The movie: The overcoming drug addiction comedy/drama,… Read more »

05 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists