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Judex and Nuits Rouges form a double bill DVD release from Eureka’s Master of Cinema series,they are directed by the famous French auteur George Franju(Eyes without a Face),and are both homage films to the Fantomas franchise directed by one of the greatest French directors – Louis Feuillade(Les Vampires,Tih Minh).   The MoC covers of Judex and Nuits Rouges Both Judex and Nuits Rouges are… Read more »

03 November 2012 | Double Bill, Features

Welcome to today’s edition of Double Bill,if you are new to this series,check out what this series is all about here. Today I’m gonna recommend two Chinese films that have one thing in common:black humor,an element that is so rarely seen in Chinese cinema. Blind Shaft (2003) Adapted from the award winning novel Shen Mu by Liu Qingbang,Blind Shaft is… Read more »

01 November 2012 | Chinese Films, Double Bill, Features

From today I’m gonna run a new series called “double bill”,in this series I will try to find and emphasize the connections between two films,the connection could be virtually anything,directors,styles,themes,mise-en-scenes,you name it. Today I’m gonna recommend two films directed by Taiwan auteur Tsai Ming-liang,whose most famous work Vive L’Amour won him a Golden Lion award in Venice Festival 1996. This… Read more »

30 October 2012 | Chinese Films, Double Bill, Features

If you are asked to choose the director of 2012,whom you are gonna choose? Michael Haneke,the man who just won his second Palme d’Or? or Paul Thomas Anderson,the man who came back strong with his darkest film to date? or Asghar Farhadi whose film won Oscar Best Foreign Language Film this year and was nominated in the 2012 TIME poll? If… Read more »

22 October 2012 | Cinema Masters, Features

Recently I have watched two films that feature one actor tackling two roles: an American film called Dead Ringers by David Cronenberg and a Chinese film Suzhou River by Lou Ye. Needless to say, this kind of character setting is fun to watch but tough for actors to act, it requires tremendous confidence, efforts and acting skills to accept such… Read more »

20 October 2012 | Features, Film Lists

Renowned Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s sixth feature film Once Upon a Time in Anatolia won the Grand Prize of the Jury for Best Film in Cannes Festival 2011,I watched it as my first Ceylan entry last night in Blu,felt a little bit surprised that the film is so dialogue-loaded.I have heard his cinema is hugely influenced by cinema masters like Michelangelo… Read more »

19 October 2012 | Cinema Masterpieces, Features

On 19th this month,Chinese mainland director Lou Ye‘s new film Mystery is gonna be shown in Chinese theaters,which means his 10 year film ban in Chinese mainland is officially over.In today’s Classic Chinese Cinema series,I’m gonna introduce the first real masterpiece of a director I have tremendous respect for,Suzhou River is regarded by me as one of the top 10 Chinese… Read more »

17 October 2012 | Chinese Films, Features

When we talk about classic horror cinema,the one that is most talked about is Kubrick’s The Shining,one of the typical and high-achieved visual psychic thriller.Nicholas Roeg’s 1973 horror masterpiece Don’t Look Now falls right into this category,it was once ranked as the No.1 in the BFI top 100 British films,now the ranking dropped but the quality of the film proves that… Read more »

16 October 2012 | Cinema Masterpieces, Features

Yeah,this is confirmed,Edward Yang’s melancholic four-hour epic A Brighter Summer Day is confirmed to be released by Criterion in both format of DVD and Blu-Ray,it would probably be the biggest and greatest news in home entertainment in 2012.   So what’s so great about it? First,the status of A Brighter Summer Day in Chinese Cinema history is unshakable.In the latest “Top 100… Read more »

15 October 2012 | Chinese Films, Features

When we talk about suspense stories on a train,the 1974 film Murder on the Orient Express directed by famous director Sydney Lumet came to many people’s mind first.As the master of suspense,Alfred Hitchcock loves choosing trains as the location where the story unfolds,be it the interesting opening sequence in Strangers on a Train,or the erotic ending in North by Northwest.However,it… Read more »

09 October 2012 | Criterion Gems, Features

I’m not a horror movie fan,but when I counted the horror movies in Criterion Collection,I surprisingly found that I owned and watched two thirds of them.From the earliest movie in the whole collection(Haxan) to one of the latest released film in the set(Antichrist),Criterion collects more than 30 horror gems from different decade and culture.If you are tired of monsters and… Read more »

07 October 2012 | CC Lists, Features

There are two versions of prison movies,one is prison break movies like Shawshank Redemption,Le Trou and A Man Escaped,the other is fantasy movies like The Green Mile.The Hong Kong film Prison on Fire doesn’t belong to neither of them,it’s the third kind,the realistic prison movie without any smart attempts of prison break or fantastic special effects of any kind. The plot… Read more »

24 September 2012 | Chinese Films, Features

There are no directors other than American Independent cinema auteur Jim Jamusch who both loves making episodic films and knows how to make them work,his 1991 Night on Earth is one of the best examples. The film consists of five short stories which happen in five taxicabs in five different cities – Los Angeles,New York,Paris,Rome and Helsinki.With the duration of less… Read more »

23 September 2012 | Criterion Gems, Features

In March 2011,Central Motion Picture Corporation released four Taiwan masterpieces in BD+DVD packages,including The Terrorizers(Edward Yang),Vive L’Amour(Tsai Ming-liang),Tropical Fish(Chen Yu-hsun) and The Personals(Chen Kuo-fu),plus the previous 2010 released BD of Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s Dust in the Wind,these five BDs are the best digitally restored films ever by a Chinese restoration and contribution company. The BD+DVD package of the CMPC released The… Read more »

21 September 2012 | Chinese Films, Features

Today is Chinese actress Maggie Cheung‘s 48th birthday,famously known for the role she played in Wong’s phenomenal In the Mood for Love,this Oriental beauty hasn’t lost her charm a bit,and as time goes by,her real charm of maturity only begins to reveal. Born in Hong Kong, Maggie Cheung traces her family roots to Shanghai. Her family emigrated from Hong Kong… Read more »

20 September 2012 | Chinese Actors/Actresses, Features

“Film begins with DW Griffith and ends with Abbas Kiarostami.” – Jean-Luc Godard This quote sounds a bit exaggerated,but no one could deny the fact that Abbas Kiarostami has diverted cinema off its course a little bit.As one of the most important directors alive,the Cannes winner keeps making films that extend not only the possibilities of cinema but also our understandings of it.Below… Read more »

18 September 2012 | Cinema Masters, Features