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Picture by Thomas Fluharty When the dust settles and people look back on the career of Woody Allen, no doubt there will be more than a couple divides. On one hand there will be the people who renounce him unequivocally for what they have been led to believe about his personal life, tabloid shaming and questionable decisions. These events, truthful or… Read more »

17 November 2014 | Features, Other Lists

Rainer Werner Fassbinder emerged in the late sixties to become one of the most prolific and influential filmmakers of what would become known as New German Cinema. Fassbinder was born in 1945 and like other filmmakers of his generation, including Werner Herzog, Volker Schlöndorff and Wim Wenders, he dramatically altered the cinematic landscape by telling stories about postwar Germany that… Read more »

17 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Recently, there has been this great migration from the big screen to the small screen. Actors like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson had a pretty bright time in the international spotlight with this year’s True Detective success. Steven Soderbergh directed a whole series this summer: The Knick, which aired on Cinemax. It’s like the lines between film and television are… Read more »

15 November 2014 | Features, Other Lists

“New Mexican Cinema” is a term for a series of Mexican films produced upon the 1990’s and the 2000’s after what is regarded as a generally declining period for Mexican Cinema; a period in which filmmakers like Arturo Ripstein, Jorge Fons and Jaime Humberto Hermosillo are regarded as heralds the upcoming Mexican Cinema would learn from. Those of the so called Golden… Read more »

15 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists

The depiction of ‘evil’ is oddly usual in all forms of art. It is a rather unpleasant subject, yet people always seem to be fascinated by how complicated it is to explain evilness in human nature. It is a concept that has been analyzed through religious beliefs, social standards or various psychological states. It seems that the origin of evil… Read more »

14 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Ryan Gosling is well known for carefully selecting his projects so it was a surprise to see him come out with two subpar efforts in 2013 before he announced a break from acting for fear of people being “sick of him” and because in his own words he had “lost all perspective” of what he was doing. Thankfully, it didn’t… Read more »

13 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Underneath the glamorous backdrop and saccharine settings of Hollywood lies the film industry’s narcissistic negligence of the very notion of ageing. This is not to imply that contemporary mainstream movies never attempt to portray the notion of old age, or indeed, the ageing body on-screen, but rather, it is possible to suggest that such representations are often lacking in substance,… Read more »

12 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists

There is no doubt that comic book movies, and superhero comic book movies in particular, are reigning supreme in Hollywood right now. It’s almost hard to imagine that there was a time when these types of films were uncommon and successful comic book movies were virtually non-existent. Before the millennium, the two exceptions were were Richard Donner’s Superman from 1978,… Read more »

11 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists

“It is obvious that art cannot teach anyone anything, since in four thousand years humanity has learnt nothing at all. We should long ago have become angels had we been capable of paying attention to the experience of art, and allowing ourselves to be changed in accordance with the ideals it expresses. Art only has the capacity, through shock and… Read more »

11 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists

As the new millennium dawned, British Cinema was still benefitting from the ‘cool Britannia’ mood perpetuated by the various Curtis-like romantic comedies popularised in the latter half of the previous decade. The plus side of this was that there was now an eager audience made once again appreciative of British film production both past and present. The 00’s are perhaps… Read more »

10 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Through the history of mankind, people have been fascinated by the macabre. It gives us an unease feeling of knowing danger might be around the corner, it is almost a guilty pleasure, horror films feed on our primal fears. There are great horror films through history, but what happens when they are remade? Most of the time we get the same thing over… Read more »

09 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists

The following titles are all great films that contain recurring themes of loneliness or isolation. Many films explore these motifs through various means, such as a detachment from society, battling their own psychological demons or quite simply, being stranded in a place far, far away. In several of these films, we will observe how the ‘lonely’ characters will often find… Read more »

07 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Krzysztof Kieslowski had his most ambitious cinematic idea in 1988. And in December 1989 it became reality. An epic ten-hour production, resulting in ten films about the Ten Commandments. He called it “The Decalogue”. On paper it looked unlikely that The Decalogue would reach even the most modest audience. Faced with distribution problems from day one, there remained legitimate concerns… Read more »

07 November 2014 | Features, Other Lists

Exploitation films have always been seen as the sleazy underbelly of cinema. They have been looked down upon by critics and have never received the recognition they deserve. They are undervalued for the major role they have played in influencing and changing modern cinema. The Motion Picture Production Code was set in 1930 and gave Hollywood moral censorship guidelines that governed the… Read more »

06 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Opening a film in a great way isn’t always the toughest thing to do in filmmaking, you can even argue that it’s not even the most important thing, many directors like their story to unfold slowly. It’s not always necessary to grab audiences’ throats from the very beginning, what an opening scene should do is giving the viewer a sense of… Read more »

05 November 2014 | Features, Other Lists

These days it seems like whether you turn on the TV or venture out to the theatre, there is going to be a comic book superhero being brought to life to entertain audiences and make tons and tons (and tons) of money. Modern technology has made it possible for the super powered folks who were relegated to comic book pages… Read more »

04 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists