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After an unusual The Straight Story, the master of mind-blowing surrealism, David Lynch, came out with the highly acclaimed Mulholland Drive, a neo-noir mystery thriller which draws on dream interpretation. Frankly, the movie could be interpreted as an improved version of Twin Peaks: Fire walk with me. Both films share many motifs and themes as well as other elements, such… Read more »

15 June 2014 | Features, Reviews

There is no beating around the bush when it comes to Woody Allen. Director, actor, screenwriter, playwright and four time Academy Award Winner, he’s done it all. And with his 49th film, Magic in the Moonlight, gracing our screens later this year, it is impossible to ignore a man who has spearheaded American cinema for almost 60 years. But what… Read more »

14 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Now that the Godzilla reboot is raking in serious money at the box office, some of you out there may be wondering just where else to go to get your Godzilla fix. After all, we’re talking about a character who’s been around for more than half a century now, and there’s something on the order of thirty movies to chose… Read more »

14 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Like novels, plays, and other forms of art, movies sometimes have a lot more going on beneath their surfaces than it would seem. Writers and directors have often used the medium not just to tell stories, but to make moral or political points, and sometimes it’s this latter goal that’s actually the primary intention motivating a project’s inception. The following… Read more »

13 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Krzysztof Kieslowski has shaped the cinema of the past 35 years from his days of documentary filmmaking up to his international coproduction’s that would serve as his last testament to the cinema, which he loved and acknowledged throughout his filmography. From his early television films for Polish television to European art house fame, his cinema defined the self-reflexive nature of… Read more »

13 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists

The ‘new Hollywood’ era began in the mid 1960’s and lasted until the era of the ‘blockbuster’ took over in the late 1970’s. During these years, films were made by directors with unknown track records, often featuring stars and roles that didn’t fit into the traditional Hollywood mold. Here are 15 films that were made during the ‘new Hollywood’ period… Read more »

12 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists

British filmmaker Mike Leigh is known for his unusual directorial techniques. Using improvisation to shape his characters, dialogues, and storylines, Leigh usually begins his films with a rough outline of possible thematic directions and plot developments. Choosing not the disclose any information regarding plot or character to his cast members, Leigh introduces the actors to each other in the order… Read more »

12 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Children are often romanticized as living in a childhood paradise. The reality is that they too must grow up and development into adulthood. The films listed below examine the ways in which children’s perspectives are used to deal with heavy themes of life, death, religion, and war. From the comedic accounts of Christmas to heartbreaking depictions of war and oppression,… Read more »

11 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists

With the recent ‘Winter Sleep’ by filmmaker Nuri Bilge Ceylan winning the Palme d’Or at Cannes, many would have been surprised to hear that Turkey even had a film industry. Below is a list of 12 films to whet the appetite of any lover of film who is looking for a new taste in cinema. Note: The films on this… Read more »

11 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists

First things first, the Bechdel Test rates films based on the criteria of containing at least two female characters who talk to each other about something besides a man. It’s remarkable (or unfortunately it might not be, seeing how our world works) how many films actually do not manage to pass this very simple set of rules. For those who… Read more »

10 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Non-English language horror cinema has always been an important part of the genre film landscape but never more so than the past quarter-century. The American film industry may look at foreign horror films primarily as targets for remakes but non-English language horror is a vital part of a genre that would be severely if not fatally diminished in quality without… Read more »

09 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists, test

“Everyone could play one role perfectly: himself.” – Vittorio De Sica In Italy, fascism and cinema had always been in a strange relationship. After millions of deaths, years of war and violence; fascism left only two positive things behind: Venice Film Festival and Cinecitta. Fascism, as a consequence of WWII, left thousands of people homeless in Italy; and of course, filmmakers… Read more »

09 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists, test

Cinema is well over a century old now and we have been blessed to experience the films of several masters over this time period. Breaking new ground was relatively natural in the early parts of the past century because of the relative youth of the art form. While cinema is still much younger than the traditional fine arts, it has… Read more »

08 June 2014 | Features, People Lists, test

Very rarely does a writer include a character in a film for a non-deliberate reason. Whether they symbolize some part of the theme or play a role in the plot of the film, every character that is presented contributes to the film. Sometimes even extras in the background who may not even be professional actors can influence the way a… Read more »

07 June 2014 | Features, Other Lists, test

Germany has been a vital contributor to the history of cinema right from the beginning, hitting the ground running when the first cinema for a paying audience in the world was opened in 1895 in Berlin. It was, however, during the interwar period that the social atmosphere relaxed and inspired film-makers created the Golden Age of German film-making. ‘The Cabinet… Read more »

07 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists, test

Disney films and romantic comedies can take you to “happily ever after,” but they rarely ever show you what comes next. The twenty films listed here represent intriguing, provocative, and sometimes problematic views on marriage, from the bitterness of George and Martha in Mike Nichol’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, to the sci-fi births of David Cronenberg’s The Brood and… Read more »

05 June 2014 | Features, Film Lists, test