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Project X meets ATL in this coming of age movie about a spring break gone wrong. Spring Breakers caused much controversy not only for its “R” rating but also for two particular members in its cast. Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens step out of their traditional Disney channel roles into a racy and fast-paced spring break movie revolving around drugs,… Read more »

04 April 2013 | Features, Reviews

Andy Warhol once said: ” In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”  Oscar shortens the time to 150 seconds. Most people in Hollywood loves Oscar, because it gives them fame and money.  Movie fans love the show but hate some of the stupid choices the Academy has made in the past 84 years. No matter what, as… Read more »

23 February 2013 | Features, Other Lists

Romance films, just like romance itself, aren’t always sweet. However, the doomed relations always make greater love stories. So even the two lovers don’t live happily ever-after in those tragic films, does it really matter? Grab yourself a box of tissue when you are ready to watch the 10 sad romance films listed below, they will break your heart.  … Read more »

16 February 2013 | Features, Film Lists

With the approach of Valentine’s Day, many would hope for Cupid’s arrow to work its magic and bring true love spell. Besides receiving chocolates and flower bouquets from beaux and belles, watching romance films will also remind us of the fragrant flavor of love. The following recommendations, though different from traditional Hollywood romance films, conveys the same message: true love… Read more »

13 February 2013 | Features, Film Lists

Steven Spielberg put forth an epic film which makes audiences see Abraham Lincoln in a different light. The story is really captivating and detailed taking us back in Abraham time, the 16th president of US. In the movie Lincoln is shown as a human who is not beyond the common human flaws like fear, indecisiveness, distraction, domestic battles etc. He… Read more »

01 February 2013 | Features, Guest Posts, Reviews

Although it tanked at the box office when it was originally released in 1998, “The Big Lebowski” went on to become a cult classic. Over 15 years later, the little film about a pot-smoking layabout / bowling enthusiast caught on in a big way, spawning its own annual festival and even a philosophical movement (“Dudeism”). Perhaps one of the main… Read more »

28 January 2013 | Features, Guest Posts, Other Lists

If you haven’t seen Argo yet, you are missing one of the most riveting and compelling movies of 2012.  Starring and directed by Ben Affleck, the movie delivers an arresting portrayal of six Americans trying to escape Iran in 1979.  Argo is easily one of the most dramatic of last year’s crop which is a testament to the script and… Read more »

22 January 2013 | Features, Guest Posts, Reviews

  I just heard the shocking news that one of the most prominent Japanese film director Nagisa Oshima passed away several hours ago. I have only seen 8 of his films, and fell in love with his works after watching the Oshima’s Outlaw Sixties Eclipse Set from Criterion Collection. Most people know Oshima’s name from films like In the Realm… Read more »

15 January 2013 | Cinema Masters, Features

Rating: ★★★★★ Hong Kong auteur Wong Karwai’s new film The Grandmasters started 2013 with a bang. It not only marks Wong’s return to Chinese-language films, but more importantly, celebrates the maturest work of the director so far. For any Wong Karwai fan, the comeback of the old and familiar Wong cinema is good news.   The Plot Before The Grandmasters,… Read more »

12 January 2013 | Features, Reviews

Today marks the 84th birthday of Italian director Sergio Leone, whose name was mostly associated with the Spaghetti Western genre. As one of the most famous slow directors in cinema history, Leone only made seven movies in his 25-year career. Sergio Leone established his distinctive visual style since his second movie – A Fistful of Dollars, since then he made five… Read more »

03 January 2013 | Features, Other Lists

2012 has been a terrific year for me in terms of classic movie watching, American movies is a big part of it.  As an american DVD company, Criterion Collection helped a lot select 10 from a hundred American titles I’ve seen last year, six out of the ten below are from their catalog. Let’s take a look at my best… Read more »

01 January 2013 | Features, Film Lists

When I heard that today is famous French actor Michel Piccoli‘s 87th birthday, my first reaction was “What? He’s that old?”. Then I remembered that he had a cameo in the most controversial film of the year – Leos Carax’s Holy Motors, he played the boss who only appeared very briefly in a limousine scene, it was hard to recognize him if… Read more »

27 December 2012 | Cinema Charmers, Features

Things are getting tough today, I have to choose 10 from the 70 plus European films I’ve seen this year. Ask me tomorrow, it would be a different list. 10. Naked    dir. Mike Leigh A one-word title will suffice to describe this bleak and brutal London underbelly tale. I instantly fell in love with the David Thewlis character, Johnny, and felt… Read more »

26 December 2012 | Features, Film Lists

Today I will look back at the 10 best Asian movies I’ve watched in 2012. No Chinese movies will be included since I just composed a list yesterday. 10. Secret Sunshine  dir. Lee Chang-dong According to Lee in the interview, the movie is not about religion but about the struggle of an ordinary person who fails in her attempt to be… Read more »

22 December 2012 | Features, Film Lists

From today I will embark upon my 2012 roundup series that will include all the terrific films I have watched in the calender year of 2012. Hopefully these roundup lists would be useful for you as good recommendations. Let’s begin with the best Chinese movies I saw this year. After watching 20-plus Chinese movies within in the year, I have… Read more »

20 December 2012 | Features, Film Lists

Since I’m gonna do a 2012 roundup series on this blog for the rest of December, the film recommendation of this month’s edition is earlier than last month.BUT I have more good film to recommend this time. ★★★★★   Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters This is a film Paul Schrader was born to make, a real life self-born self-destructive… Read more »

18 December 2012 | Features, Film Lists