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Netflix offers exactly 700 horror movies for instant streaming, including some of both the best and worst examples of the genre. We pored through creature features, slashers, and tales of zombies, vampires and werewolves to find 20 films that are scary-good. These are frightening films for sure, but most will give you something more than just a cheap scare.  … Read more »

17 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Have you ever noticed how many movies are set in or around either New York or Los Angles? Cinematically speaking, metropolitan areas like Chicago and Dallas are regularly portrayed as “small towns”. There are however a large number of movies in communities with populations of less than a few hundred thousand people. These films can tell the type of intimate… Read more »

16 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Some movies are meant to be seen with friends. Others are meant to be enjoyed as “date movies”. But some rare films turn the movie going experience into a 2-plus hour exercise in awkward tension. These films forgo the basics clichés of most love stories and typically devolve into the dark underworld of human relations. The following are 13 films… Read more »

15 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

The great psychos of cinema have been everything from downright disgusting, to charismatic wordsmiths that make you feel that they might be fun to go out on the town with. We love them and hate them almost equally. Today we take a look at the most brilliant psychopaths in film, the special breed whose intelligence is only seconded by their… Read more »

13 January 2014 | Features, Other Lists

Here are some great films which often do not seem to get the attention they sorely deserve. They come from famous directors, or directors that have at least enjoyed some degree of success. Whether they were small-budget debuts, box-office bombs, critically panned, overshadowed by the director’s previous or future work or simply never caught on with their contemporary audiences –… Read more »

12 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

When we look at all that’s come of films to this very day, you can see a wide variety of different influences mixed together to create what we know and love. Many genres and film types have all been introduced in the past at some point or another with this article aiming to point out 10 particular films that influenced… Read more »

11 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Indiscernible and usually overlooked, the lighting of a film set is all too often an unappreciated art form. The tireless work of a skilled lighting technician typically goes unnoticed by the movie going masses and, when done properly, that’s the way it should be. Natural yet synthetic, subtle yet bold, the final product should effectively be a paradox: an unseen… Read more »

10 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Having a Demonologist girlfriend has its upsides, when writing a supernatural thriller for example or discussing various myths and legends she’s right their with the answer. It does also mean that watching most horror movies is rendered impossible as she squirms in the corner trying not to shout angrily at the TV as screenwriters callously abuse the myths and lore… Read more »

09 January 2014 | Features, Other Lists

Most movie goers view films to be entertained and escape from reality, so it is not hard to understand why most films have completely unrealistic endings. Every now-and-then a movie comes along that has an ending so realistic, it often leaves us shocked. WARNING: this post is about realistic endings so, if you don’t want to see a spoiler on… Read more »

08 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Whenever we learn that our favorite book is getting made into a film, we immediately pray that it be a good adaptation. Sometimes our prayers are heard, as with The Lord of the Rings, but other times we cry in defeat, as with Eragon or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. However, a fair amount of adaptations tend to be strange in… Read more »

07 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Horror films are suppose to scare us, creep us out , and make us feel uncomfortable. But sometimes, there are films that go so far outside of the norm (and our comfort zone), that after we see it we never ever want to see it again. In no particular order ( because they’re all pretty hard to stomach) here they… Read more »

21 December 2013 | Features, Film Lists

Film casting must be the most underrated job in the industry. As a matter of fact, most of the time, there won’t be any problems with the casting. People just take it for granted that Heath Ledge is born to play The Joker or Marlon Brando is built to make the Godfather his role. However, sometimes the casting decisions did… Read more »

14 December 2013 | Features, Other Lists

Sometimes we see deleted scenes that would have been awesome to be kept in a film, sometimes we get the exact opposite, terrible scenes that should have never escaped from the cutting room. No matter what, the mistakes editors or directors made during the editing process will stay with them for their whole careers. Some mistakes have been ignored by… Read more »

05 December 2013 | Features, Other Lists

Sometimes bad is good. A guilty pleasure for many of us, bad movies are so rightfully wrong they often prove equally entertaining as those that arrive wrapped in the cloak of critical acclaim. Some of the best comedies you’ll ever see are tragically misguided dramas that fell well short of the mark. The seemingly infinite catalog of Netflix instant streaming… Read more »

22 November 2013 | Features, Film Lists

Hammer Films have made a triumphant return to the world of horror cinema of late. Kicking things off with the critically acclaimed vampire romance story ‘Let me In’ (2010), the legendary film house rose back up from the grave with a vengeance, much like one of the monsters in its gothic horror heyday. 2012 saw the release of worldwide smash… Read more »

20 November 2013 | Features, Film Lists

“You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die.” – “Shakespeare in Love” (John Madden, 1998) William Shakespeare. Playwright and poet. The greatest writer in the English language. I saw “Shakespeare in Love” thrice, the script (by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard) swept me over. (“All the men at court are without poetry. If they see me, they see… Read more »

18 November 2013 | Features, Film Lists

There are certain movies on this list that were meant to be scarier than others, so the list will start with 10 and end with 1-from least scary to most scary. Now, before we begin, I need to explain that I love each of these movies. This is a not a negative article by any means. These movies are some… Read more »

15 November 2013 | Features, Film Lists

You may think that you’ve already seen the greatest movie of all time. You may think that you’re aware of every movie that has ever been made. You may think that if you haven’t heard of it, it can’t be good. Well, you might also be wrong. There is a whole world of uncharted movie territory just waiting to be… Read more »

13 November 2013 | Features, Film Lists

I would first like to preface this article by saying; I am a troll 2 FAN. Yes, a capital F.A.N. I was bored one night and wanted to watch a documentary on Netflix. That documentary would be the reason I write this today; “Best Worst Movie”, by Michael Paul Stephenson. It was awesome, even without seeing Troll 2, first. So… Read more »

06 November 2013 | Features, Film Lists