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Why Superman movies are so great? Because Superman went into production prior to the releases of Star Wars (May 1977) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (November 1977), we should credit the three films collectively for launching the reemergence of a large market for science fiction films in the 1980s. Superman also established the superhero film genre as viable… Read more »

06 June 2013 | Features, Other Lists

So many movies, so little time. Why do we continue to re-watch some of the movies over and over again? Because when we watch those movies, we feel comfortable and we know there is zero risk this movie would suck, we can always find something new there, we are waiting for our favorite scene or character to appear on the… Read more »

06 June 2013 | Features, Film Lists

There is a small bunch of directors in movie history, they aim 100%  authenticity and perfection in every movie they make. They never use a studio when the real location is available, they are keen to adhere to their no-CGI-wherever-possible rule, and they are sticklers for ensuring the mood of their films are adequately translated in the visuals. Actors hate them, because before… Read more »

06 June 2013 | Features, People Lists

Remakes and reboots are a touchy subject for horror movie fans. Sometimes we hold onto our precious classic films and refuse to even acknowledge the fact that a filmmaker plans to retell the story that they grew up with as a child. Sometimes a remake could be done right, for example David Cronenberg’s ‘The Fly’ is viewed as superior to… Read more »

05 June 2013 | Features, Film Lists, Guest Posts

In horror movies, one of the biggest cliche is that the pathetic victims always find a shelter which happens to be the home of the monster, and no matter how young they are, they can never run fast enough to escape the hunt. They are the unluckiest bunch of movie characters in all movie genres, sometimes we really wish they… Read more »

04 June 2013 | Features, Other Lists

When one movie is successful it’s imperative the studio exploit that money machine as much as it can. From fantasy adventures like the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series’, to comedy franchises like American Pie, if the original movie is a hit, it will certainly spawn one or two sequels. The Hangover debuted in 2009, a movie which… Read more »

03 June 2013 | Reviews

First impressions are everything. So you’d assume that movie marketers would put their all into the making of the poster. Yet, time and time again, we’re subjected to the horrifying curse of Photoshop and taglines that have zero respect for logic, sense or our poor brains. Even more offensive is the thought that the creators of these posters could imagine… Read more »

03 June 2013 | Features, Other Lists

Almost all great horror movies are low-budget efforts from independent companies with special effects made up from whatever is available from someone’s basement or garage. While these films often suffer from poor direction, horrible acting, bad lighting, insipid dialogue, etc., there are some very rare gems to be discovered in the slag heap, should one care to look. Here are… Read more »

02 June 2013 | Features, Film Lists

OK, history buffs, time to vent out all your indignation at the mind-boggling liberties Hollywood takes with its “historical” films. We have put together a list of the 20 most historically inaccurate movies, some of them are even considered to be “great movies”. We will let the history be the judge here, let’s see if you can handle the truth!… Read more »

01 June 2013 | Features, Film Lists

Year after year comic book movies have dominated the Hollywood box office. As the studios embrace comic properties more and more, I can’t help but wonder what others are going to get a chance at movie audiences before Hollywood moves on to the next big thing. Below is the list of the 20 comic books I think need to be… Read more »

31 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists

Horror has always been one of the favorite genres of independence filmmaking. Some of the greatest horror films are low-budget indie horror films. The best example is found footage horror gem The Blair Witch Project, it took 8 days to shoot, and 8 months to edit. The movie cost $22,000 to make, and made over $240 million. The most recent… Read more »

30 May 2013 | Features, Film Lists

Typecasting is the most convenient way for directors and casting directors to cast an actor. When a particular actor becomes strongly identified with a specific character; one or more particular roles; or, characters having the same traits or coming from the same social or ethnic groups. Congratulations, you’ve got the role! For actors, typecasting is either a bless or a… Read more »

30 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists

While most Hollywood screenwriters are having a hard time searching for adaptable source materials and creating original ideas, documentary directors don’t have much to worry. Living in this bizarre world, one can easily find stranger-than-fiction stories everywhere. Making it into a documentary is a guarantee of dramatic plot and interesting characters. So if you are tired of Hollywood’s endless sequels,… Read more »

28 May 2013 | Features, Film Lists

Title design can be interesting for a film. Right from the beginning, a film’s title can set the tone for the next 2 hours that will unspool in front of you. Title designs can be the extra boost that makes a very good film into a great one.   DUCK SOUP (1933) Duck Soup is an old film, but it… Read more »

27 May 2013 | Features, Guest Posts, Other Lists

Many film fans have come to realize that just because a film is classified as a horror film doesn’t mean that the movie will actually be scary. These days, you’re more likely to watch a horror film and laugh or feel incredibly safe as opposed to screaming or feeling uncontrollably vulnerable. Even some classic horror movies have lost their touch…. Read more »

26 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists

Like happy endings, death is also an indispensable element in Hollywood movies. However, some of the characters only dies for death’s sake. There is no proper cause and good timing, some of the deaths are totally avoidable. In these cases, it’s better to keep them alive a little bit longer, for the movie’s sake. Here are 20 most pointless movie… Read more »

24 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists

Horror films tend to follow the same concept and an element of excitement arises when filmmakers claim to have a film that is original, terrifying, the scariest film in years. A majority of the time the only feeling that is experienced is strong disappointment. Recent years have seen the horror film industry at its all time lowest with one terrible… Read more »

24 May 2013 | Features, Film Lists

The screentest is the last hurdle an actor has to jump over before being given the role that could change his or her life forever. A nobody can instantly become a somebody, or an actor can just continue the struggle of looking for work. For most of the talented actors on this list, these auditions became their golden tickets to… Read more »

23 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists

Great attention to detail is often an important part of what defines a great movie. It’s also the feature that separates the auteurs from the directors who just turn up on the set to get paid and abuse the catering budget. In most cases, directors will spend as much time as the production schedule will allow them to imbue their… Read more »

22 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists