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2013 was a rare year in which the total number of truly great films released was so unbearably high that once the Oscar nominations were released, it became nearly impossible to guess which film would win. But there’s a stark difference between which film will win, and which film should win. The nine nominations for Best Picture all deserve their… Read more »

08 February 2014 | Features, Other Lists

We all love to discuss the successes of the great directors. But even the best stumble every once in a while. Looking at the failures of great craftsman of cinema can be just as fun of a conversation. We found a few titles that reminded us that no great director is always on his game.   20. Scoop – Dir. Woody… Read more »

07 February 2014 | Features, Film Lists

2013 was an overwhelming year for independent cinema with various film festivals producing award winning future classics. As the top ten lists begin to halt we look forward to 2014 for another year of screen artistry; cinema doesn’t take a break. This list is not concerned with what major studios in Hollywood are churning out but instead interests itself with… Read more »

06 February 2014 | Features, Film Lists

To many, the Oscars are the highest prestige a member of the film industry can receive. Ranging from actors to cinematographers to visual effects creators, the awards have been designed to be designated to those who most deserve them in their respective category. Of course this is all theoretical, and while the Academy does often distribute its trophies accordingly, the… Read more »

02 February 2014 | Features, Other Lists

If a film makes 100 million at the box office it’s safe to assume that it has been a hit with audiences (regardless of whether or not the film makes any profit). Despite critical hatchet-jobs, these films made well in excess of double that figure; each making an obscene amount of money. This list demonstrates that film critics have no… Read more »

31 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Animation is usually seen as an inferior form of filmmaking. Maybe because it started as something aimed almost exclusively at kids. Maybe because it involves a bit less the craft and the crew that we associate with traditional filmmaking. Whatever the reason, animations is usually taken for granted, and people only know of Pixar and Dreamworks, and may have heard… Read more »

30 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Lo-Fi Sci-Fi is an emerging genre of the last decade or so inspired by Mumblecore and budgetary constraints. The name is derived from ‘Low Fidelity’ and ‘Science Fiction’, seemingly meant to convey the low budget, amateur approach of filming a Science Fiction movie. This is not to dumb down the genre at all but portray its indie status devoid of… Read more »

29 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

After you’ve topped the charts, made it on MTV (back when they still played videos at least) and reaped in your millions off of that one-hit wonder, the question is always: “What’s next?” Well your manager may firstly recommend trying your hand at another album, another tour, a television guest spot, but after all that then what? That’s when we… Read more »

29 January 2014 | Features, Other Lists

Soundtracks are sometimes called the “little sister” of Cinema, they are often considered LESS than the photography or the plots. This interpretation, so deep into our minds, has led several soundtracks to be just “company” for the actual film, however, thanks to very good musicians and good judgment on compilations, there are some excellent soundtracks over the decades. This time… Read more »

28 January 2014 | Features, Other Lists

Netflix has become a power house these last few years and not too many can compete with what they offer. Now more than ever Netflix is becoming stronger by signing deals with some big distributers and even having their own production company. One thing Netflix has always been good at is instantly streaming right onto your computer or TV some… Read more »

26 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Every year the debates begin at this time over the Oscar nominees. Who got nominated? Who got snubbed? Who’s going to win? This year has produced many great films and even more great performances. Perennial favorites like Martin Scorsese and Meryl Streep are there along with Hollywood newcomers guaranteeing some interesting presentations and hilarious moments from returning host Ellen DeGeneres…. Read more »

25 January 2014 | Features, Other Lists

The term “talkies” was given to some of the first movies to feature synchronised sound after the silent era of film. Here however, it would refer to a body of films that consist of people merely talking to one another – no action (that’s why Tarantino movies are not on this list), no explosions, just dialogue. Outside events often take… Read more »

24 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Movies always stand to be the fastest and most fun way to get good entertainment, but sometimes you want to delve deep into a film that’s going to leave you with more than just a little bit of hollow satisfaction. Here are 15 films that will leave you completely drained of all of your emotions because who doesn’t like a… Read more »

23 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Filmmaking isn’t about just pointing a camera at talented actors. It’s a collaborative medium employing the use of sound, music, lighting, cinematography, mise-en-scene, editing, special effects and screenwriting. Every now and then a filmmaker will use one of these filmmaking tools in a style so deft and so innovative, that it inspires, delights and influences all filmmakers that come after… Read more »

21 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Journalism and journalists have been the focal points of many great films. The reporters and news men/women who maintain a sense of journalistic integrity are often times tormented (either internally or externally), and those without it are frequently presented as morally bankrupt, but professionally successful.   15. Anchorman 2 This is a broad comedy that expands the universe of Ron… Read more »

20 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists

What makes a documentary significant? What does it take to draw the audience in and care about the same issue as the director? Sometimes the film focuses on things that may be upsetting or involved controversial people. Other times we may find ourselves just enjoying a light hearted story that just makes us happy and regains our faith in humanity…. Read more »

20 January 2014 | Features, Film Lists