The 10 Most Rewatchable Cult Movies of The 21st Century

best genre movies 2014

Any diehard movie fan will tell you that cult films are alive and well in the new century, two decades now which have seen a wealth of memorable midnight movies, eccentric oddities, sleeper stoner comedies, and other “out there” genre films. The following list looks at “rewatchable” cult films from the 21st century––and by “rewatchable” […]

The 10 Best Films About The Nature of Truth

the hunt

“Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second” – Jean-Luc Godard From Akira Kurosawa to Sidney Lumet, many directors have managed to create great movies illustrating the nature of truth. Here is a list of some exquisite works of art on this subject.   10. Oleanna (1994) Written and directed by the […]

The 10 Best Slow-Burn Horror Movies of The 21st Century

The Witch

Some horror movie trends come and go (horny teenagers and torture porn regularly crop up and wear out their welcome rather quickly), but few genre-specific tendencies are as appreciated and abiding as the unease of existential dread, and the intensity of a slow burning, utterly atmospheric journey into the abyss and (hopefully) back. Slow-burn horror […]