10 Great TV Shows That Should Be Made Into Movies

TV shows and movies, as entertainment mediums, are often compared but have some innate differences. By nature of the format, television are episodic, telling a new story every week. While the characters and overarching plot arc are consistent across the series, each episode has its own conflict and resolution. This not only allows for very […]

The 10 Most Interesting Film Dialogues of All Time

Almost a century ago, audiences gathered in theaters so as to behold Maria Falconetti’s face in “The Passion of Joan of Arc” and drift on all those layers of emotion that pulse behind that sight. Some decades later, audiences stared at Andrei Tarkovsky’s foggy dreams as taking the shape of a perceptible object on the […]

10 Dark Movies With Bleaker Endings Than You Expected

Often it’s the most bleak and depressing movies that leave the deepest impression upon an audience, and films that use their gripping storylines to make important statements and inspire interesting discussions can be very rewarding. Not every film can have a happy ending, and even dark films that end on a positive note can be […]