10 Great Movies To Watch If You Want Something Interesting

Maybe you are tired of the mainstream cinema bandwagon and aren’t inclined to spend your time watching a profound film that spans several hours. In that case, this list is tailor-made for you, where each entry encompasses several interesting traits and philosophies and the run times are modest. These are genre-bending films that blend important […]

The 10 Biggest Box Office Flops of 2019 (So Far)

This year has been a weird one. Obviously not every movie has been a box office failure, but there were a lot more bombs than anyone could have anticipated. Despite how record-shatteringly successful “Avengers: Endgame” was and how “Captain Marvel” captured the zeitgeist, box office receipts have been low for the most part. We all […]

10 Cult Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

The horror genre often acts like its menacing serial murderers, returning to fame and popularity in a cyclical fashion. We’re currently undergoing one such renaissance with the likes of Jordan Peele and the looming possible return of John Carpenter breathing new life into the genre. This is, perhaps, the biggest major trend in the genre […]

The 10 Worst Movies of 2019 (So Far)


Every year, same story. For every great, original, well-written film, we get a clichéd, misguided film with lazy writing and uninspired direction, sometimes with flat acting. The year 2019 is hardly different. This year has given us great films like “Us” and “Gloria Bell,” but then we also got some major disappointments. A pretentious sci-fi […]

10 Great Recent Sci-fi Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Every year, Hollywood dishes out massive sci-fi spectacles for the world to behold. Later this year, we have movies like Terminator: Dark Fate and Ad Astra to look forward to. These movies will join other big-budget science fiction flicks like Alita: Battle Angel and Captain Marvel. With so many wide release sci-fi films, it’s hard […]

10 Movies To Watch When You Want Something Suspenseful

Suspense is a difficult thing to achieve in film. Alfred Hitchcock said that suspense means letting the audience know more than the characters. However, while Hitchcock’s definition is very well put into words, suspense is much more than that. To make suspense in films, you have to grab the viewer’s full attention and you have […]

10 Great Horror Movies That Surprisingly Never Got A Sequel

Most successful (and sometimes even not-so-successful) horror movies receive unwanted sequels. Sometimes they turn out to be good, but mostly they end up being poorly-made cash grabs. Horrors are usually cheap to produce, yet they can do well at the box office. Not just their sequels, but these days universes like “The Conjuring” also manage […]