10 Filmmaking Lessons You Can Learn from ‘Taxi Driver’


Often when filmmakers watch films there’s a tendency to start… well, let’s call it ‘borrowing’ or ‘paying homage’ to be kind. Personally, I feel that there’s something of a trap by going this way, and I would always encourage people to disagree with me, but allow me to explain: if we’re all watching movies to […]

20 Great Examples of Hyperlink Cinema Every Film Buff Must Watch

hyperlink cinema

With the evolution of the medium, almost naturally, came the creative departures from the theatrical unity of space and time in storytelling. Fragmented narratives became a favourite area of experimentation for many influential makers. Composite plots consisting of mildly connected vignettes and simultaneously occurring events, often with no evident central characters, can be found almost […]

30 Cinematic Masterpieces Made in The Golden Age of Hollywood


“The Golden Age of Hollywood”, the name alone evokes a sense of elegance and timeless entertainment quality that left a definite mark on the History of Film and in American Culture in general. Essentially, the Classical Hollywood period started with the decline of The Silent Film Era in the late 1920’s and by the early […]

10 Great Films That Feature Apathetic Characters

Repo Man

It almost seems counter-intuitive to think of films focusing on apathetic or detached characters as being ripe for great entertainment. The narratives can be slow going, the plots can be bare bones, and the very idea of an indifferent or emotional lead character(s) has the potential to be unappealing in and of itself. The list […]

The 15 Best Movies That Feature Self-Destructive Characters


In a human context, self-destructive behavior is a catch-all term for conceptualizing destructive acts brought to oneself. Generally, self-destructive acts may be deliberate, born of impulse or developed as a habit. The term, however, tends to be applied toward self-destruction that can be habit-forming or addictive, and thus potentially fatal. These characters meet these criteria […]

The 10 Best Horror Movies Adapted from or Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s Works


Edgar Allan Poe notwithstanding, Howard Phillips Lovecraft is perhaps the most revered writer of fantasy and horror and a key influence on contemporary horror fiction writers like Stephen King, Clive Barker and Ramsey Campbell. Simultaneously epic in scale and claustrophobic in nature, Lovecraft’s tales are absolute classics of the genre, proving highly inspirational for later […]

15 Great Low Budget Movies from This Century That Are Worth Watching

Blue Ruin

Often times movies don’t need to have a large multi-million dollar budget in order to be great – and often times those multi-million dollar movies aren’t even that good. Low budget movies, because of their tight budgets, have to focus more on the story rather than flashy effects or notable actors. For the most part, low budget […]

The 20 Greatest Suspense Sequences in Alfred Hitchcock Films

Hitchcock suspense sequences

Alfred Hitchcock is unquestionably the greatest director of suspense films in cinema history. His best films are marked by sequences of suspense that are memorable, exciting, engaging and cinematically magnificent. Hitchcock described the difference between suspense and surprise by giving the illustration of two men sitting at a table with a time bomb set to […]

The 20 Best Jazz Soundtracks in Movie History

best jazz movie scores

“It’s always fun to talk about jazz,” says Clint Eastwood. That’s an undeniable fact. Jazz is amazing and unique genre, which influenced the development of other ones as rock, funk and rap. Despite being labeled nowadays as something “vintage”, Jazz is a “recent” form of music. It was born in the turn of the 19th […]

10 Great Movies About The Afterlife


Darkness and light; profound tests of courage and honour; the eternal bonds of love; commitment to a Holy cause: all are themes that exist in these extraordinary films about the afterlife. Whether comedy or drama, thriller or romance, filmmakers from around the world delve into religious, philosophical and deeply intimate and personal interpretations of the […]

The 20 Greatest Acting Performances from Directors in Movies Other than Their Own

directors performances

In the art of cinema there is a very thin line between the many things a person involved in this business can do. In today’s world few people are just actors, just directors, just screenwriters etc. In many cases the director’s seat has been the ultimate goal; many screenwriters evolve into director becoming auteurs (writing […]