The 15 Worst Movie Remakes of The 21st Century

In the early 2000s, Hollywood discovered a temporary cure for “sequelitis”, the disease that gave them the uncontrollable urge to make a sequel to every successful movie. By remaking previous hits instead, they could trade upon famous titles and wouldn’t have to come up with new stories. Convincing audiences to watch remakes of lousy 80s […]

The 10 Most Disappointing Movies of 2017 (So Far)

Good news, everyone. 2017 is not as consistently disappointing as 2016. We haven’t ran into any colossal misfires like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, X-Men: Apocalypse, or Zoolander 2. In fact, there have been a surprising amount of pleasant surprises instead. Wonder Woman, John Wick 2, and Get Out all managed to exceed expectations. […]

7 Reasons Why “Eyes Wide Shut” is Stanley Kubrick’s Most Underrated Film

It’s 1996. Stanley Kubrick has been discussing a project with global superstar Tom Cruise for well over a year. This discussion also entails Kubrick demanding tapes of the work of actress Nicole Kidman who was, at the time, Cruise’s wife. This project has been gestating and forming shape in Kubrick’s head for some three decades. […]