20 Great Movies With Strong Emotional Impact

What is more important and timeless than emotions and emotional externalization? Drama, one of the most significant and artistically composite means of sentimental sharing, finds its roots in Athens in the 6th century BC, where the hearty need for emotional expression led to a primary form of theater, which was meant to be a great […]

10 Great Movies Where The Villain Is Better Than The Hero

Joseph Campbell directed our attention towards the idea that a story’s protagonist was supposed to have a specific set of traits in order for that character to be enriched. This list of requirements, titled “The Hero’s Journey”, ensured that a narrative interacted with a lead character in perfect form. When utilized properly, The Hero’s Journey […]

The 10 Most Controversial Movies in Cannes History

The Cannes Film Festival has always favored unconventional aspects of cinema, and has awarded auteurs with radical views on art and society. Some of the Jury’s decisions proved to be rather controversial, as they provoked reactions from critics, the audience (the Cannes audience is prone to booing), or even the Church and politicians. Some of […]