Top 10 Movies That Were Refused By Cannes This Year

The 71st Cannes Film festival maybe won’t be remembered for the movies that competed, but for those who, for various reasons, didn’t go for competition. First of all, it was the notorious dispute between Thierry Fremaux and Netflix about the theatrical distribution of Netflix movies in France that drove Netflix to withdraw all of its […]

All 18 Golden Bear Winners of The 21st Century, Ranked

Every major film festival develops its own characteristics over time. Berlinale is an open festival, the one with the most visitors, with an average of 300 thousand tickets sold every year. Orientated toward alternative views in world cinema, it has given pace and awards to many alternative American cineastes in the 80s and the 90s. […]

All 17 Daniel Day-Lewis Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Definitely the best actor of his generation, Daniel Day-Lewis is the only male actor to win the Best Actor Oscar winner three times as an outcome of an astonishing career, in which he gave cinematic life to many different characters, some of whom are already considered classics. Born in a multicultural (British – Irish – […]

The 15 Best Movies About Cruel Youths

“Each film brings out the moralist in the director and makes each of them a filmmaker of cruelty,” stated Truffaut in his introduction to Bazin’s “The Cinema of Cruelty.” Iconic auteurs, starting with Bunuel and his “Andalusian Dog,” have stressed the importance of cruelty in the shaping of society and released films that deployed their […]

15 Palme d’Or Winners That Should Be Rediscovered

The Cannes Film Festival was launched in 1939, stopped during World War II, and reprised in 1946, establishing an international meeting of cineastes from all over the globe every June in the lovely Mediterranean city. Cannes was, from the very beginning, open to good cinema, no matter where it came from. Many times, the choices […]

15 Movie Directors Who Are Obsessed With Sexuality

Even though representing the act of having sex might have been seen as sacrilege for the early cineastes, the 60’s cultural revolution that swept the entire planet drastically changed the views and attitudes toward sexuality. What was done in the bedroom or in dark corners could be shown, studied, explored and used as means to […]