The 12 Best Period Horror Movies of All Time

The great works of horror delve deep into the darker elements of human nature. For Lovecraft, it was the sheer magnitude of our insignificance in the face of the icy void, ‘pierced by the feeble light of half-dead stars.’ Whilst Goya’s grotesque compositions reveal a doomed inner battle between man’s reason and his madness. Since […]

20 Fantastic Polish Film Posters That Are Better Than The Originals

polish film posters

The poster is an integral part in the overlap between film as business and film as culture. In the Pre-internet days, the function of the poster was a significant chunk of a film’s advertisement. It was primarily the first impression, a chance for advertising to generate public interest and draw in an audience before the […]

15 Great Movies That Caused Unexpected Controversy


Controversy is nothing new to art. Whenever a new art form or movement gains enough traction within the mainstream, scandals are sure to follow. Charles Dickens, Edouard Manet and Leo Tolstoy have all had careers pockmarked by moral outrage. Even legendary masters have not been exempt from the firing line; Michelangelo was once contested over […]