10 Best Early Sci-fi Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Science fiction is one of today’s most popular movie genres, with its movies making up most of the year’s box office smashes. The possibilities of science fiction are what make the genre so exciting for both filmmakers and audiences alike. The futuristic intrigue resonates with viewers even more strongly than fantasy films because much of […]

The 25 Greatest French Directors of All Time

new wave filmmakers

Since the beginning of cinema, the French people have been at the forefront of the cinematic landscape. During the silent and early experimental periods, great French auteurs helped revolutionize the medium, shaping the way for films to come. As movies evolved, so did France and throughout the different styles and periods maintained a strong role […]

The 10 Best Movies About Mysterious Strangers


Since the beginning of storytelling, the ‘mysterious stranger’ has been one of the most common thematic catalyst, with storytelling using the character to show a change in others. The plots of stories focused on the arrival of strangers hinge on the effect that their presence has on those they visit, often bringing out traits that […]