10 Beloved Cult Classics Greatly Inspired By Earlier Movies

No word infuriates movie nerds quite like “ripoff.” To even suggest that cherished films with intense followings may have possibly copied the plot, aesthetics or general premise of other people’s works is to invite unbridled geek chaos, if not directly stoke cinema dork outrage. But a lot of times, one can’t help but watch certain […]

10 Movies Every College Student Should See

Ah, college. That four (sometimes five, sometimes six, sometimes indefinite) year migration from naive youth to (supposedly) enlightened adulthood. While just about everybody spends their tenure in higher education hitting the books and beer bongs, college is also an opportune time to expand one’s cinema tastes. Now is the best time of your life to […]

10 Famous Horror Movies That Inspired Real Life Murders

For as long as the cinematic medium has been around, moral watchdogs have long sought to expose the allegedly deleterious effects of violent movies on the impressionable young mind. As the most graphic and explicit of genres, it’s not really surprising that horror films represent a perennial target for parents groups and censorship boards alike. […]