30 Visually Stunning Films Depicting The Beauty of Women

A woman’s character is always a conundrum for men, but they can’t resist their beauty. There are so many films where directors have used women’s beauty as main weapon to achieve greatness. This list has collected visually stunning films where you can see the strikingly beautiful beauty of women, as well as their character, activities, […]

The 15 Best Movies About One-Sided Love

chungking express

Serious (call it platonic or enlightened) love can be very dangerous, especially for an introverted person. It is almost impossible or at least extremely difficult to express their love. If their crush rejects them even slightly, then it hurts devastatingly. That may change them forever. They will never be the same person as they used […]

30 Great Japanese Pink Films You Shouldn’t Miss


Pink film is one of the most important genres that Japan has given to world cinema. Generally all types of feature films that include erotic elements are known as pink films. However, they can’t be compared to those base and two-bit B-grade films from other countries, and that is the main element that specializes and distinguishes […]

25 Great Jidaigeki Films That Are Worth Your Time

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Jidaigeki is the incomparable genre of world film history that Japan has given the world. Samurai, geisha, Shogun, sword fights, zen culture, craftsmen and more are common themes in Jidaigeki films. Samurai film is the subgenre of Jidaigeki, which is why the two genres can’t be separated. However, there are so many great samurai films […]