The 10 Best Music Documentaries of The 21st Century

Filmmaker have frequently turned to the world of music to find the subject of their documentaries. Singers and icons abound worthy of closer inspection, and films provide an opportunity for fans and neutrals alike to journey deeper into their lives behind the public facade. Music documentaries have a rich history too: films like Jonathan Demme’s […]

10 Great Movies Overshadowed By Their Directors’ Best Works

It can be easy for one film to dominate discussion surrounding a certain filmmaker: when they create a perfect masterpiece, their other work, no matter the quality, can be overshadowed. Films of absolute precision shouldn’t detract from other masterful efforts by directors, and the following list looks at 10 such examples. Each film is a […]

The 10 Most Overrated Movie Directors Working Today


In today’s cinematic landscape, there are many treasured filmmakers working. We can count ourselves fortunate to be able to await a new Paul Thomas Anderson film this December (unfortunately Daniel Day-Lewis’s confirmed last picture), for example. Scorsese still continues to release strong films consistently. Producing not feelings of anticipation and expectation, however, are some arguably […]