10 Movies of The 21st Century That Can Be Considered Masterpieces

The twenty-first century has given audiences some truly terrific cinema. Discussed below are some examples; films so special that they are often considered masterpieces. Of course, there are many films that could have made the discussion, however, the list was narrowed down to these ten for the very reasons detailed below. Whether you, the reader, […]

10 of The Most Rewatchable Long Movies of All Time

Sometimes audiences can avoid revisiting a film they enjoyed because of its length, not wishing to commit hours of their time to something they have already seen and instead opting to watch something new. However, these films are much too tempting, offering so much more with every repeat viewing. These choices range between two and […]

10 of The Most Infamous Movies of The 21st Century

There are many films that have risen to infamy over the last eighteen years; some of them are fantastic, and some of them are downright terrible. This list will attempt to address numerous examples that aren’t discussed so often. It would be easy to include films like Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, or Gaspar Noe’s Irreversible, […]

10 of The Most Intense Movie Performances of All Time

There are so many exciting and powerful performances in film that receive recurring praise and admiration. The roles that tend to stand out are the ones often described as “intense”; performances of great magnitude and strength. To understand what many mean when they talk about an intense performance, one only has to glance at Robert […]

10 Recent Films with the Potential to Achieve Cult Following

Many productions are marketed as “a cult film in the making”, and the term has come to mean something much broader to modern audiences. However, there are still many films released that certainly possess the potential to cultivate a loyal and cult audience. There are many films that could have made this list, and the […]