The 10 Best Ethan Hawke Movies You Need To Watch

gattaca movie

Born November 6, 1970, Ethan Hawke’s debut as an actor was in the 1985 film “Explorers”, alongside River Phoenix as teenage schoolboys who build a spacecraft to explore outer space. His breakthrough, though, wasn’t until four years later in “Dead Poets Society”, which granted him numerous roles in following years. In the 90s, he became […]

The 10 Best Black and White Films of The 1990s

best 1990 b&w films

The 1990s were a decade of money, mega-spending and special effects, but it was also the time for different approaches opposing to this paradigm. The digital revolution led to experimentation in digital-video films and imagery, aided by famous actors and a boost in eccentricity. Some filmmakers, such as the ones on this list, were an […]

The 12 Most Visually Stunning Black and White Films of The 21st Century

best b&w films 21st century

The amount of feature films shot in black and white has overwhelmingly declined since the 1960s, being replaced by a quick growing ratio of those shot in color. From that moment on, monochromatic photography or any kind of technique that goes against digital development has been used for effect, or sometimes cost. Either it being […]