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Taste of Cinema is not just another movie list website, our focus on World Cinema and Classics make us different. We make essential film lists introducing the best films from different filmmakers, countries, genres and eras, these in-depth lists not only serve as guides to good movies, but also give you a bigger picture and thorough understanding of the film culture about a certain country, genre or cinema movement. If you dig all the lists on the site, you will find yourself unable to finish watching all the TOC film recommendations in your lifetime.

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  • http://Website moos

    This is so much a comment as a request. I’m trying to locate an old Chinese movie I saw. I borrowed the movie from my local library and found it very moving. Story of a family’s struggle in rural China set in (guessing) 1930s — 50s? Movie itself was B&W probably from the 50s. Lead character is the woman/mother/daughter that single-handedly carries the family through war & famine, toiling the land to scrape by. I think the husband abandoned them (or was conscripted) but returns some years later. It’s a long shot – but you seem to know your Chinese movies and I’m at my wit’s end. Thanks.

    • David Zou

      Hi Moos,based on the info you provide,I’m pretty sure I have not seen it before.However,I will reach my film buddies for help,will let you know the result ASAP!!

    • David Zou

      I think I have already found the answer: A Sping River Flows East ,let me know if this is the name you are looking for.

  • http://Website Setilis

    Hey you!

    It’s amazing here! Très bien! I will come here once I have time or I need dig out more movie, as we did before.

    Kinda missing you. Maybe see you in CC or BJ someday. Talk soon. =)

    • David Zou

      Oh,I have already lost faith in you,when are you gonna finish my movies?
      We may return to BJ next month,c u then!!

  • Red Lagoon

    Dear Taste of Cinema! I believe that your article was just stolen by Yahoo UK! Here is the link:

  • Vera Marie Badertscher

    You don’t have a search function. I had linked to a list called 10 All-Time Best Movies to Give You Itchy Travel Feet. The link is broken and now I can’t find it to correct the link. Help. Is it removed?

  • Stefan Dumitrache

    Hey, ToC, I’ve been watching your lists for a while and I enjoy reading them every now and then. Seeing that your editors have such knowledge of cinema, I was wondering if you can help me find a movie I saw a long time ago. It became one of my all time favorites, I think I obsess about it maybe too much, but I never knew it’s name, I only saw it only once and not from the beginning. So, should I describe it? Or maybe you’re not in the “movie guessing” service?

    • Knulp

      Try to describe it and someone might be able to help you find it. Now you’ve made me curious.

      • Stefan Dumitrache

        When I started to watch it, this young woman, curly reddish hair (I think) was trying to hide from a stalker (some 40 years old dude, dressed in black, dark clothes, wearing also a black beanie) that was pursuing her in the middle of the day. Eventually she gets inside a clothes shop, where she manages to escape the stalker and hooks up with a young man that she takes home. There is a mildly erotic scene here, with her lowering over the guy’s face.
        The next morning she wakes up hearing some noises in the house and finds that the stalker broke in. They fight for a while until she manages to hit him in the head with a golf club. The problem is, later she finds out she actually killed the young man. This happening doesn’t really shock her. She rolls the dead body in a carpet and leaves it in the house while strolling around town (I think). After a few days a black female friend of hers comes to her place to check on her (probably missing from work?), only to find a stinking house. On the balcony the woman fights her stalker, which tries to roll a power cord around her neck to hang her. However alternative views of the scene reveal that she’s actually “fighting” herself, and it all ends with her falling over the balcony, hanging on the power cord.

        I’ve seen this film probably 10 years ago or so, which means it is older, and it was a color film. ’70s? ’80s? Can’t figure. Any hints?

        • michele3g

          Wow, now I want to see it!

          • Stefan Dumitrache

            Yeah, tell me about it… I started browsing IMDB at some point until I got bored and hopeless.