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  • http://Website moos

    This is so much a comment as a request. I’m trying to locate an old Chinese movie I saw. I borrowed the movie from my local library and found it very moving. Story of a family’s struggle in rural China set in (guessing) 1930s — 50s? Movie itself was B&W probably from the 50s. Lead character is the woman/mother/daughter that single-handedly carries the family through war & famine, toiling the land to scrape by. I think the husband abandoned them (or was conscripted) but returns some years later. It’s a long shot – but you seem to know your Chinese movies and I’m at my wit’s end. Thanks.

    • David Zou

      Hi Moos,based on the info you provide,I’m pretty sure I have not seen it before.However,I will reach my film buddies for help,will let you know the result ASAP!!

    • David Zou

      I think I have already found the answer: A Sping River Flows East ,let me know if this is the name you are looking for.

  • http://Website Setilis

    Hey you!

    It’s amazing here! Très bien! I will come here once I have time or I need dig out more movie, as we did before.

    Kinda missing you. Maybe see you in CC or BJ someday. Talk soon. =)

    • David Zou

      Oh,I have already lost faith in you,when are you gonna finish my movies?
      We may return to BJ next month,c u then!!

  • Red Lagoon

    Dear Taste of Cinema! I believe that your article was just stolen by Yahoo UK! Here is the link:

  • Vera Marie Badertscher

    You don’t have a search function. I had linked to a list called 10 All-Time Best Movies to Give You Itchy Travel Feet. The link is broken and now I can’t find it to correct the link. Help. Is it removed?