The 10 Most Entertaining Horror Movies of The 21st Century

5. Train To Busan (2016)


The protagonist of “Train To Busan”, the workaholic Seok-woo, is traveling to Busan with his young daughter who wants to see her mom on her birthday. As the title suggests, this is a film that mostly takes place on a train, but this is probably the worst train ride to be embarked on, for a virus is spreading throughout the passengers and they are quickly turning into vicious, fast and very aggressive zombies. Seok-woo has to struggle for his and his daughter’s survival and to find a way to reach a safe place in the zombie-infested South Korea, but his task is nearly hopeless.

The zombies from “Train To Busan” make the ones in “The Walking Dead” look tame. These are not the George A. Romero creepy, slow-moving type of zombies. They are fast and nearly impossible to escape from and the fact that the survivors are stuck in the confined space of the train makes it even harder for them to defeat the undead.

This makes “Train To Busan” one of the wildest, craziest and most entertaining zombie films you will ever see. From beginning to end, you won’t find time to catch your breath, for Yeon Sang-ho’s film is as thrilling as it gets.


4. Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

If there is one movie to get you in the Halloween spirit, this is it.

“Trick ‘r Treat” is a horror anthology by Michael Dougherty which has already taken its place as a cult film and a classic movie to watch every Halloween night. The movie tells four interrelated stories, all taking place in a small town on Halloween: a highschool principal is secretly a serial killer, a girl is about to lose her virginity with her newly found lover who is about to get scared out of his mind, an old man fights for his life with a demonic-looking kid with a pumpkinhead mask and a group of teenagers pose as zombies to terrify one of their friends.

“Trick ‘r Treat” is filled with suspense and, while we would not call it a scary film, it is very entertaining and it perfectly conveys the atmosphere of Halloween. It also reminds us of the classic “Creepshow and “Tales from the Crypt” EC Comics and if you love those you are in for a treat.


3. One Cut of The Dead (2017)

This Japanese zombie comedy written and directed by Shin’ichirô Ueda follows a group of filmmakers who are shooting a zombie short film called “One Cut Of The Dead” in an abandoned water treatment plant.

When real zombies invade the filming location, the director sees it as an opportunity to shoot a great movie and insists that the camera operator should keep filming. The first forty minutes of the film are shot in one take, from the perspective of the cameraman, then the film goes back in time and turns into a very different kind of thing.

We are not going to spoil anything more about “One Cut Of The Dead” because we think this is the kind of film where the less you know the more you will enjoy it. We will just say that it is one of the funniest, most entertaining, well-thought and unique zombie films ever made and you’ve never seen anything like it.


2. The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

“The Cabin In The Woods” follows a group of college students who go partying in a remote cabin in the woods (duh) and start getting killed by zombies and all other kinds of monsters. This sounds like a bad movie plot, but trust us, there is much more to this film and – spoilers ahead – it turns out that the cabin is some kind of government experiment and that everything that our characters have experienced has been controlled by lab people.

This is a very self-referential film which works mostly as a dissection of the horror genre and its stereotypes. It is a much more clever film than you’d expect it to be and if you are a fan of horror movies and their tropes you will find a lot of things to enjoy here, for this is not as much a horror movie as it is a movie about horror movies which pokes fun at every cliché. Even near eight years after its release, “The Cabin In The Woods” still remains as original, scary, fun and entertaining as when it first premiered.


1. Shaun of The Dead (2004)


“Shaun of The Dead” has become a cult classic and there is no wonder why. Edgar Wright’s reinvention of the zombie genre is funny, bloody and very clever.

“Shaun of The Dead” stars Simon Pegg as Shaun, a man whose life is so miserable that he nearly doesn’t notice that a zombie apocalypse has taken over London. He just has more serious problems: he’s been dumped by his girlfriend, he doesn’t get along with his father and he is tired by his routine life working as an electronics store clerk. When the zombies invade the city, it is Shaun’s chance to prove himself worthy and along with his friend Ed (played by Nick Frost), he devises a plan to save his beloved ones from the hordes of undead.

With fast-paced action and hilarious British dry humour, “Shaun of The Dead” deserves its spot among the most entertaining films of the century.