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Daily Archives: February 11, 2018

The Oscar ceremony is less than a month away now and the race is relatively open. Martin McDonagh’s ‘Three Billboards’ won big at the Golden Globes, pushing it to be many people’s favourite to triumph at the Oscars too. Strong competition comes from auteur Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Phantom Thread’ and Jordan Peele’s astonishing debut feature ‘Get Out; it’s a diverse… Read more »

11 February 2018 | Features, Other Lists

While looking back on the thriller genre in 2017, one might discover some interesting tendencies to look out for in years to come. First of all, there’s an increase of first class, character-driven thrillers without the use of unrealistic and over-choreographed action. Simultaneously, the surreal and metaphorical finds their way into the genre. It’s interesting to see influences of David… Read more »

11 February 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Cinema is one of the youngest art forms in the world, and yet it is subject to a very complex history where its form and conception has constantly changed. It started as entertainment novelty and eventually evolved into an art form as respected as the other arts. The history of cinema has been shaped by many different countries, whose films… Read more »

11 February 2018 | Features, Film Lists