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Daily Archives: January 19, 2018

Horror is the country music of movies. Most of them suck, the rest are tolerable, but a few are brilliant—so good that they transcend the tired conventions of an oversimplified genre. This is not meant to be demeaning; it’s simply a fact supported by rating sites like the Internet Movie Database. Of IMDb’s top 250 films, 181 are in the… Read more »

19 January 2018 | Features, Film Lists

On a philosophical level, violence is rather difficult to define and violence can have connotations reflective of temperament and psychical states. Any sense of disturbance or perturbation may be said to be violent, however artfully rendered. Slavoj Žižek argues that there are distinguishable types of violence, namely subjective and objective violence. Subjective violence which is manifestly apparent as it seems… Read more »

19 January 2018 | Features, Film Lists