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Daily Archives: December 11, 2017

Consumerism is the natural by-product of capitalism. Really, it’s the natural by-product of being alive: we all need things to survive, after all. Food, housing, clothing, from beginning to end it seems it’s our natural state to consume. But living in a capitalist society also complicates the matter, particularly since in an affluent society there’s so much being produced and… Read more »

11 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

It may be strange to think of now, but there was a time when M. Night Shyamalan was at the top of the world. Even in the exceptionally strong year for movies that was 1999, which saw the release of masterpiece after masterpiece, from “Fight Club” to “The Matrix,” Shyamalan made the biggest cinematic phenomenon of the year: “The Sixth… Read more »

11 December 2017 | Features, People Lists

It can be easy for one film to dominate discussion surrounding a certain filmmaker: when they create a perfect masterpiece, their other work, no matter the quality, can be overshadowed. Films of absolute precision shouldn’t detract from other masterful efforts by directors, and the following list looks at 10 such examples. Each film is a masterful entry in the filmography… Read more »

11 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists