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Daily Archives: December 3, 2017

Denis Villeneuve’s movie “Incendies” was his cinematic breakthrough and the last film in French that he made; it earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. It is based on a play by Wajdi Mouawad, a Lebanese-Canadian who, among other projects, produced a trilogy of Greek plays by Sophocles. “Incendies” is a journey and a search for identity… Read more »

03 December 2017 | Features, Other Lists

Listen: being single can be pretty great. Romantic relationships, though glorified in all art forms, can also be incredibly messy affairs that lead to heartbreak, emotional distress, and worse. At least if you’re single no one can hurt you and there’s more wine available for yourself. And single people get short shift in films. If a character is single in… Read more »

03 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists