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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Movie critics love to talk about big disappointments, and it makes perfect sense. If you’re waiting months for a movie to come out only to be let down, you’re gonna wanna hop on the keyboard and talk about it. Pleasant surprises aren’t talked about nearly as much. More often than not, these movies get a brief comment about how they’re… Read more »

17 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

In art (especially in cinema), poetry – not necessarily written poetry – can be something that can make feelings, situations, moments and many other things acquire an even more intense meaning. Something that is truly difficult to put into words. A thing that works because of the infinite elements that help these emotions come to life on the screen. Some… Read more »

17 December 2017 | Features, People Lists

Here it is: the 10 worst films of 2017. It’s often difficult to judge what’s truly “good” or “bad” about film: after all, even universally disliked films have their fans. Instead, this list was put together based on expectation, budget, and the talent involved. While some films weren’t made for much money (and it often shows), and a low budget… Read more »

16 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

Evidently, two consecutive great years are quite uncommon, even for Korean cinema, particularly because films like “The Handmaiden” and “The Wailing” did not find their equals in 2017. This, however, does not mean that the level of quality fell much lower, since the country’s film industry seems to provide great films continuously, even despite their mainstream and Hollywood-like aesthetics, at… Read more »

16 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

It’s no grand revelation that filmmakers (and artists in general) take inspiration from works that came before. In recent years, to keep audiences interested and their stories fresh and exciting, directors have begun to make more and more films that play with genre; subverting, exaggerating or commenting on genre tropes and conventions. This list will focus on ‘genre-hybrids’; that is,… Read more »

15 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke is one of the most important and most controversial people in the cinematic universe far across the borders of Europe. With movies such as “Benny’s Video,” “Funny Games,” “Caché,” “The White Ribbon” and “Amour,” he manifested his status as “the conscious of European cinema.” In his movies, he thematizes the audience’s unaccountable complicity in terms of… Read more »

15 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

Winning an Oscar is considered one of the biggest honours and accomplishments for an actor – a symbol confirming they’ve made it. And for many actors, obtaining this symbol takes many, many years. Just think of how long it took Leonardo DiCaprio to finally receive his Oscar – more than 10 years, five Best Actor nominations, and a countless number… Read more »

14 December 2017 | Features, People Lists

As far as online review aggregators for film goes, Rotten Tomatoes is perhaps the most revered, and has been for the last 20 years. The much dreaded Tomatometer, though not indicative of a film’s quality as is iMDB’s rating system per se, but rather, the percentage of critics, professional ones at that, who enjoyed that particular film. The innate problem… Read more »

13 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

From timeless classics to joyful fluff, cinema is a wonderful way to achieve delight, escape, and exhilaration. The following list is for anyone who’s ever watched with delight the madcap tomfoolery of the Marx Brothers, or chuckled to themselves while in line at the grocery store recalling, say, Madeline Kahn’s hilarious crooning in Blazing Saddles (“I’m tired, sick and tired!”)… Read more »

13 December 2017 | Features, People Lists

The suspense genre relies on the audience thinking they might know more than the characters in the film itself. They ask us to take part in the events of the movie, trying to second-guess what could happen next. Most films aren’t truly suspenseful as due to prior film knowledge we can more or less understand exactly how it will resolve…. Read more »

12 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

It is not easy to write an article involving the infamous IMDB’s Top 250 list. First things first: how does that ranking work? Quite simply, a specific formula aggregates regular users’ scores for any given film that receives at least 25000 individual votes, and then frequently updates the list. What remains undisclosed is how a certain voter can be counted… Read more »

12 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

Consumerism is the natural by-product of capitalism. Really, it’s the natural by-product of being alive: we all need things to survive, after all. Food, housing, clothing, from beginning to end it seems it’s our natural state to consume. But living in a capitalist society also complicates the matter, particularly since in an affluent society there’s so much being produced and… Read more »

11 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

It may be strange to think of now, but there was a time when M. Night Shyamalan was at the top of the world. Even in the exceptionally strong year for movies that was 1999, which saw the release of masterpiece after masterpiece, from “Fight Club” to “The Matrix,” Shyamalan made the biggest cinematic phenomenon of the year: “The Sixth… Read more »

11 December 2017 | Features, People Lists

It can be easy for one film to dominate discussion surrounding a certain filmmaker: when they create a perfect masterpiece, their other work, no matter the quality, can be overshadowed. Films of absolute precision shouldn’t detract from other masterful efforts by directors, and the following list looks at 10 such examples. Each film is a masterful entry in the filmography… Read more »

11 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

Sadness is anything but desirable, yet people will seek specific movies to harvest this emotion. It’s a phenomenon that could be attributed to the stagnated emotions of first world citizens, whose comfortable but mundane lives are deficient in the emotions that give a poignant meaning to existence. Or it’s a normal pursuit that unites all classes of people in the… Read more »

10 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists

What it is about complex films that movie fans are so passionate about? Is in the puzzling nature of trying to figure out what, exactly, is occurring? Is it that we enjoy being challenged by a difficult narrative that’s resistant to easy interpretation and understanding? Or is it that we equate the complexity of a film with its quality? Perhaps… Read more »

10 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists