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Daily Archives: October 3, 2017

Alternate endings can often be a fascinating insight into the creative process behind films that we know and love. Sometimes alternate endings never make it past the storyboard stage, and other times multiple endings are filmed and tested before the final ending is chosen. Alternate endings can also reveal a filmmaker’s thoughts and feelings about characters, or reveal unknown insights… Read more »

03 October 2017 | Features, Other Lists

Being a cinephile nowadays is a tremendous deal. No matter how many films someone watches per year or how well informed someone is, something is always going to be missed. It’s a fact, so always be prepared to say “no” when someone asks you the illustrious question: “Do you know this movie?” The biggest fear of a moviegoer may be… Read more »

03 October 2017 | Features, Film Lists

The new film from director Tyler MacIntyre (Patchwork), Tragedy Girls, is a savage and cynical satire full of colorful off-color status quo commentary doubling as a paeon to slasher films and teen exploitation fare, particularly Michael Lehmann’s 1988 cult classic, Heathers. And while it’s beyond doubt that every review of this film must mention Heathers at least once (I’ve gone… Read more »

03 October 2017 | Reviews

Bookended by a pair of pining yet positive 1960s-era pop songs from Chinese diva Chang Loo, Mina Shum’s latest film, Meditation Park, bristles with passion and perseverance in a contemporary-set story of devotion, deliverance, and revision amongst an aging married couple at a crossroads. Meditation Park is sensational in its subtlety and simplicity as Shum, returning to narrative filmmaking after… Read more »

03 October 2017 | Reviews

There’s probably no one reading this review who isn’t aware of the recent passing of iconic American actor, musician, and singer Harry Dean Stanton (Cool Hand Luke, The Godfather Part II, Paris, Texas), who at 91-years-old, leaves us all with a fitting, lustrous, and touching adieu in John Carroll Lynch’s generously incidental comic drama of valediction, Lucky. Our eponymous hero… Read more »

03 October 2017 | Reviews