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Daily Archives: August 27, 2017

Through 10 films, several TV series, and dozens of music videos, David Fincher has spent his professional career as a film director honing his craft and perfecting his unique sense of storytelling. His use of dramatic characterization, stark imagery, and pulse-pounding suspense have put him at the forefront of Gen-X directors who encapsulate what it means to “do-it-yourself.” Beginning with… Read more »

27 August 2017 | Features, Other Lists

The 1990s was a big, gloriously successful decade for much of the Western world. In particular, the US was going through somewhat of a cultural renaissance, and with a strong economy numerous films were made despite their artistic merit, being funded by venture capitalists who were sure they were investing in the next big quirky hit that audiences would respond… Read more »

27 August 2017 | Features, Film Lists

“You guys wanna see a dead body?” – Vern Tessio (played by Jerry O’Connell)   When the night has come A contemplative and considerate rendering of susceptible youth as well as male identity, very little in Rob Reiner’s two previous films –– the hilarious and inspired mockumentary This is Spinal Tap (1984), and the silly roadmovie The Sure Thing (1985)… Read more »

27 August 2017 | Features, Reviews

Intriguing plots, erotic atmospheres, underlying sexual tension, graphic scenes. Films about love and lust tangle in the fine line between porn and art or creating such a strong, sexual atmosphere through their characters and surroundings that no erotic scene is needed. To describe most of these films merely as sexy would be a huge understatement since they are widely considered… Read more »

27 August 2017 | Features, Film Lists