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Daily Archives: August 13, 2017

In the last twenty years or so movies based on comic books have increased in popularity to the point that they now dominate the summer the box office. There are many factors to consider for this boom period. For one, computer generated effects have become more affordable so filmmakers can fully translate the imagery from the printed page to screen… Read more »

13 August 2017 | Features, Film Lists

The films that you watch in your childhood never really leave you. There is something uniquely special about them, they are the first examples of filmmaking that you experience, and that means that they often leave a lasting impression. And in some cases, these films may shape film tastes that stay with you throughout your life. In today’s modern film… Read more »

13 August 2017 | Features, Film Lists

“A tense, absorbing pursuit Western that turns into a Grand Guignol gorefest, Bone Tomahawk is what you might get if you crossbred The Searchers with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, or maybe Cannibal Holocaust… There’s an elegance to Bone Tomahawk that doesn’t let up even when it veers into cult-movie territory.” – Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine Blood on the… Read more »

13 August 2017 | Features, Reviews

Dubbed one the most disgusting movies of all times on numerous occasions, it’s really easy to just assume that “A Serbian Film” has no value other than shock value and it’s just placed in the movie industry for horror and gore enthusiasts. People who watched the movie or have heard of it are immediately turned off by its gore scenes… Read more »

13 August 2017 | Features, Other Lists

Japanese cinema has been on the decline for quite a few years. The structural issues of the industry and the lack of interest from younger audiences have led the production companies to the secure paths of the family drama and the novel/manga/anime adaptation, which seem to generate the most revenue. This tendency has led to a lack of original movies… Read more »

13 August 2017 | Features, Film Lists