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Daily Archives: May 5, 2017

“Hell is other people” Sartre said, and is in that cynical spirit where many of the best horror films find their voices. While demon and poltergeist flicks today dominate the genre, there has always been a contingent of filmmakers who seek to forego otherworldly threats, presenting us instead with an enemy from which we have no possible means of escape:… Read more »

05 May 2017 | Features, Film Lists

As moviegoers, films are an escape for many of us. We have a bad day, so we put on a good film. Life is changing in a troublesome way, and a night at the movies temporarily gets rid of that pain. The theater and living room are both safe havens from the turmoil we face in our lives. The people… Read more »

05 May 2017 | Features, Other Lists

Poetry, disabled people, magical realism, social critique, mysticism, outrageous imagery, violence, copious amounts of blood, tarot cards, fake prophets, spiritual healing, blasphemy and anger are just a few of the characters, tropes, and motivations we can find the portfolio of one of cinema’s greatest demolishers and iconoclasts. Filmmaker, artist, writer, playwright, poet, mime, tarologist, spiritual guide, and comic book artist,… Read more »

05 May 2017 | Features, Film Lists