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Daily Archives: April 29, 2017

The film business isn’t always the easiest to navigate. While both actors and actresses have it considerably easier than most of us mere mortals, attaining and maintaining success in Hollywood can be a tricky thing, especially if you’re a woman, and even more if you’ve reached a certain age, like most of the actresses on this list. They’ve all had… Read more »

29 April 2017 | Features, People Lists

The cliché that fact can be stranger than fiction rings true in the case of these documentaries. Unbelievable characters, unexpected twists and general weirdness make this list a little unsettling when you stop to consider it is all really life drama. At times you feel like you are watching a Lynch, or Cronenberg film, but the fact that this all… Read more »

29 April 2017 | Features, Film Lists

“The whole idea of genre and categorising films is a critic’s construct. For me, I just try and make stories and see where they go, but there’s nothing wrong with horror; there’s nothing wrong with romantic comedies.” – Ben Wheatley In a relatively short period of time English filmmaker Ben Wheatley has proven to be a prolific and unpredictable filmmaker…. Read more »

29 April 2017 | Features, Film Lists