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Daily Archives: April 20, 2017

While the 1980s could be considered a “golden age” for horror films, the following decade found the genre entering a slump; halfway through the decade, with the slasher genre was officially dead, only revived slightly by the meta film Scream, while horror as a whole was relegated to low-budget direct-to-video productions. But even in this low ebb, there were many… Read more »

20 April 2017 | Features, Film Lists

There is an old adage which informs that the world worships the original. This may well be true, but sometimes it takes so long for the world to decide that the original is worth worshipping that the object of worship is either dead or as good as dead by the time the adulation takes place. Few working in the current… Read more »

20 April 2017 | Features, Other Lists

Sometimes sci-fi just means movies about spaceships and cool gadgets, but great sci-fi has always been a close examination of the human condition as much as it is about the aforementioned spaceships and cool gadgets. By now, science fiction has basically explored the complete spectrum of human experience, from the optimistic utopia presented in the Star Trek series to the… Read more »

20 April 2017 | Features, Film Lists