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Daily Archives: March 16, 2017

Like many cynical cineasts, I have a rather conflicting relationship with the Oscars. On the one hand, it can be nice seeing your favorite filmmaker win, and if you have an innate fascination with the Hollywood establishment to begin with, it’s essential viewing. But on the other hand, you know none of it really matters. If your particular choice wins,… Read more »

16 March 2017 | Features, Other Lists

It is safe to assume that nearly everyone has cried from the emotional power of a film. Sometimes these are tears of sorrow, as the viewer empathizes with a character’s tragedy. Other times, the tears come from an overwhelming rush of emotion, as a response to the sheer beauty or joy of a scene. This potential for emotional impact that… Read more »

16 March 2017 | Features, Film Lists

The case has been made that foreign films are essential to increasing a person’s ability to empathize, and therefore everyone, not just lovers of cinema should watch them. Seeing somebody completely different from you experiencing something completely human is important, since understanding is what brings the people of the world together. This sentiment though can only be true if films… Read more »

16 March 2017 | Features, Film Lists