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Daily Archives: March 2, 2017

For the first decade of the new millennium, mainstream horror cinema was largely stagnant. After Michael Bay’s 2003 reimagining of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre proved a huge success, the era of horror remakes officially commenced and major studios went hog-wild resurrecting beloved classics one after another. In the 80’s horror rip-offs were a dime a dozen, but many of these… Read more »

02 March 2017 | Features, Film Lists

There always seems to be the chosen few or, really, THE ONE in any movement of film history. With Italy’s Neo-Realist movement it was Bicycle Thieves. New Hollywood will always be identified with the film that started it all, Bonnie and Clyde or, perhaps, The Godfather. Out of the Past seems a perfect illustration of film noir. Singin’ in the… Read more »

02 March 2017 | Features, Other Lists

Kinji Fukasaku’s last film was a production worthy of his lifetime achievements in the field, since “Battle Royale” caused much controversy; it was banned outright or deliberately excluded from distribution in several countries, but at the same time, it also influenced a great number of movies and many filmmakers, including Quentin Tarantino and “The Hunger Games”. Here are seven reasons… Read more »

02 March 2017 | Features, Other Lists