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Daily Archives: February 28, 2017

Either the entertainment industry is running dry on material, or there is certain thrill to remaking a film. Remaking is like gambling; you could lose big or hit the jackpot. The chances of the latter are slim at best. However, because of the existence of a previous film, a certain amount of ticket sales and publicity are guaranteed. That’s most… Read more »

28 February 2017 | Features, Film Lists

There are many contenders for the greatest trilogy of all time, from The Lord Of The Rings to Kieslowki’s Three Colours to The Godfather to the Dollars Trilogy. Most are vast tales, with large ensembles, usually spanning a huge amount of time. Yet, in any discussion of what constitutes the best, The Before Trilogy surely ranks as one of the… Read more »

28 February 2017 | Features, Other Lists

Self-reflexive cinema has been around since the early years of the medium. In a couple of words, self-reflexivity isn’t a genre per se but an artistic choice by the filmmakers in which they make their narrative aware of their nature in order to either question or critic the process of filmmaking. Hence, from the silent era to today’s cinema, self-reflexive… Read more »

28 February 2017 | Features, Film Lists