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Daily Archives: January 31, 2017

Film productions are rarely, if ever, free of mishaps, but sometimes these incidents are so numerous and/or unusual that they warrant further study. Here are ten examples of notably bizarre accidents that occurred on major film sets.   1. The Conqueror (1956) Towards the end of his life, when asked about The Conqueror, John Wayne would visibly wince and decline… Read more »

31 January 2017 | Features, Film Lists

Sidney Lumet’s 1957 theatrical debut offering currently occupies the number 5 slot in IMDb’s Top 10, perched neatly above such illustrious entries as Schindler’s List and Pulp Fiction. It’s the oldest film in that group, the shortest, the only one entirely shot in black and white (if only because of a girl in a red coat) and also the one… Read more »

31 January 2017 | Features, Other Lists

Due to its persistent economic instability and recurring social issues, Southeast Asia is a far cry from being a cradle of the world’s greatest cinematography. However, it was precisely these issues, coupled with a threat of censorship which is still very real in some Southeast Asian countries, that have given rise to a cinematic tradition that both embodied the best… Read more »

31 January 2017 | Features, Film Lists