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Daily Archives: January 14, 2017

What compelled me to write this list has much to do with attempting to figure out what makes films “challenging” in varying contexts. I didn’t want to make a list concerning films that are simply gross, bad or poisonous to the art of cinema but one that embraced the inaccessibility of artistic filmmaking in relation to known entertainment movies. In… Read more »

14 January 2017 | Features, Film Lists

Alfred Hitchcock is considered a visionary and impressive director for good reason. Not only did he create some of the most suspenseful films ever put on screen, but he collaborated with an incredible composer (Bernard Herrmann) on some indelible music, created new types of camera shots and angles with his directors of photography (most notably with Robert Burks), and coaxed… Read more »

14 January 2017 | Features, Other Lists