7 Reasons Why “Your Name” Is The Best Animated Movie Of 2016

5. Permeating sense of nostalgia

One of the film’s cores emits a heavy sentiment of nostalgia. The quiet but beautiful life in the small town definitely moves in that direction, as it exemplifies life in a way that tends to be forgotten, particularly by people living in the metropolis. The fact that Mitsuha lives with a family that retains tradition also presents a nostalgic view of the past.

The traditional costumes and dances, and the kuchikamesake (one of the oldest ways of brewing sake), also emit nostalgia. In particular, the last element gives a clear indication of the importance the past has for Shinkai, as it plays a key element in the script.

Lastly, when Taki reaches the area where Itomori used to be, the survivors also feel nostalgia for the place they lost.


6. Outstanding drawing with great attention to detail

“Your Name” is a true technical masterpiece, a trait that becomes quite evident in the drawings, which combine artistry with great attention to detail, to the point that the overwhelming majority of the frames look like paintings, both in the rural setting of Itomori and the metropolis of Tokyo.

From the insides of the houses, to the streets, to the train, to the restaurants in both settings, and most of all, to the destroyed scenery, all are elaborately drawn to perfection. The fact that the production features many different locations heightens this elaborateness even further.

The same applies to the characters, with the focus being on their realistic depiction, including their clothes, with the traditional suits the two sisters wear when they perform their traditional dance being quite impressive.


7. Astonishing animation

Your Name

CoMix Wave Films did an astonishing job on the animation of the title, again with a great focus on detail. From the way the sun shines on the sea to the way the leaves of the trees move in the wind, everything has been animated to perfection.

The same applies to the characters, which move as realistically as possible, with the trait exemplified once more in the traditional dancing scene, but also during their running, as they try to escape the disaster. However, the scene that highlights the animation the most is the one where the meteorite falls on the town, destroying everything.

Author Bio: Panos Kotzathanasis is a film critic who focuses on the cinema of East Asia. He enjoys films from all genres, although he is a big fan of exploitation. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter.