15 Movies From 2014 and 2015 That Have The Potential To Be Future Cult Favorites

8. Cold in July


Plot: After killing a criminal who broke into his home a Texas father gets embroiled in violence, corrupt cops and the sleazy underbelly of the criminal underworld.

What makes it a future cult favorite: It’s a sweaty and sleazy neo-noir that has twists and turns you don’t expect or see coming. Much like Cop Car, Cold in July has a solid script that takes a turn for the unexpected when you least expect it, and that makes for a movie that’s unpredictable- which is always great.

Over the past couple of years or so there has been a huge revival in sleazy crime films, especially those that echo the film Blood Simple; which includes the successful crowd funded film Blue Ruin. If you liked Blue Ruin then you would love Cold in July, even though this movie is probably better. Neo-Noir is alive and very strong, and this movie is the perfect example of that.


9. The Town that Dreaded Sundown

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Plot: A masked serial killer known as the Phantom Killer returns to terrorize a small Texarkana town. So it’s up to a sleuthing teen to find out who the killer is; and more importantly why he’s killing again.

What makes it a future cult favorite: It’s a pseudo sequel/remake of a classic proto-slasher film, with great kills and effects. The Town that Dreaded Sundown is something unique for the slasher genre because it’s a self aware sequel to the original 1976 film that isn’t comedic or too tongue-in- cheek.

Instead this movie actually attempts to tell something new- which includes plenty of unique twists and turns and new kills-because you can’t have a slasher film without cool kills. But fear not, the kills in this movie are great- which includes a cool homage to the original 1976 films most famous kill with a trombone. Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon creates a moody and surprisingly unique sequel/remake.


10. The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears

The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears

Plot: A man investigates the disappearance of his wife- which leads him down a nightmarish path of surrealism as he navigates his apartment complex.

What makes it a future cult favorite: It’s a beautifully shot and surreal neo-Giallo; but that’s not the real reason why this is a future cult favorite. What makes this movie a future cult favorite is the fact that this movie will not appeal to everyone- even hardcore Giallo fans. This movie is full of beautifully shot scenes, directing, and cinematography, but has very little substance.

So why even include this movie on this list if it’s a weak movie then?! Well, even though the plot is a bit weak, everything else is fantastic; like the acting, directing, and especially the cinematography. This movie feels like a hardcore Giallo fan having a fever dream; and makes as much sense as one.


11. Deathgasm


Plot: Brodie is a metal-head who’s new in town and not very liked, that is until he meets Zakk- who’s also into metal-and the two form a band together. One day they discover a song that when played unleashes a demon bent on destroying the world. So it’s up to Brodie and Zakk to put a stop to this demon.

What makes it a future cult favorite: It’s a New Zealand horror comedy that’s akin to early Peter Jackson splatter flicks; and if that doesn’t appeal to you then I don’t know what will. This movie feels like a lost 1980s heavy metal movie but gorier, funnier, and so much more entertaining.

Actors Milo Cawthorne and James Blake are fantastic, as they have great comedic timing and love metal! New Zealand is one of the best new places to look out for when it comes to new and original horror films, as they create movies that horror movie fans have been craving. Deathgasm is certainly something that horror fans will love, and is easily one of the most entertaining horror films from 2015.


12. Buzzard


Plot: Marty is a loser who’s constantly trying to scam his way through life- which includes cashing stolen checks. Pretty soon Marty get’s paranoid about getting caught so he goes on the run in order to not get caught.

What makes it a future cult favorite: It’s like the punk version of Napoleon Dynamite- if you can believe that. This movie has the same type of humor that was featured in that 2005 film, which is this mix of bizarre humor and anti- humor, but unlike that movie this one actually works. The reason for that is because the main character Marty is extremely likeable, and is played brilliantly by Joshua Burge.

Also it’s very evident that writer and director Joel Potrykus has a love for cult horror movies because of all of the horror movie references that are seen; which includes references like Suspiria, Demons, The Wicker Man and Nightmare on Elm Street 1 and 3; which is awesome. Meanwhile it’s always great to see the Nintendo Power Glove in a film, especially when it’s modified to look like Freddy Kruger’s glove!


13. The Editor

The Editor

Plot: A movie editor on a Giallo film gets caught in a web of murder while on set.

What makes it a future cult favorite: It’s a spoof of Giallo films from the past- and it works, especially if you’re a fan of Giallo films. It’s obvious that the whoever made The Editor has obviously studied old school Giallo movies, and gets the lighting, cinematography, music and especially sleaze factor right; especially the film within the film that the editor is working on. I mean this is a movie that features spoofs/ homage’s to films like The Beyond, The New York Ripper, and The Black Belly of the Tarantula.

I will say that some of the acting is a bit bland, I know it’s suppose to be parodying the bad acting from older Giallo films but it tends to be a bit much. If The Strange Colors of the Body’s Tears represents the serious side of Neo-Giallo then The Editor represents the other side of the spectrum; I.E the parody side; which is surprising that there hasn’t been more parody Giallo films.


14. Comet


Plot: Comet details the unfolding relationship of a couple in a nonlinear way.

What Makes it a future cult favorite: It’s an unusual romantic dramedy that’s akin to the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Comet is a smaller film that is composed of fast and quirky dialogue, while also featuring a bizarre nonlinear storyline. Trying to put this movie together in “order” is like trying to put together a puzzle- frustrating at first, but once you see how it all fits together it makes sense.

Something else that makes this movie memorable is the fantastic lightning, because it simply elevates a somewhat unconventional romance film into something a lot more memorable; especially the scenes that take place in a cemetery during a meteor shower- because those scenes are absolutely beautiful. This movie will not appeal to everyone, as it’s like a puzzle box type of film, and will need a lot of attention in order to really “get it.”


15. Winter’s Tale

Winter’s Tale

Plot: Peter Lake is a New York thief who falls in love with an heiress while also trying to evade a criminal bent on killing him.

What makes it a future cult favorite: It’s a romance film that’s beautifully shot with a completely bizarre script. This film is full of unintentional humor, sudden tonal shifts, and sometimes over the top acting. Winter’s Tale is one of the most unusual mainstream films to come out in a long time- I mean this movie has an all star cast that includes Russell Crow, Collin Farrell, Eva Marie Saint and Jessica Brown Findlay.

When this movie came out it was a box office and critical bomb, but is it really deserving of all that? Because the cinematography, directing and music are just beautiful, and it’s really beautiful to look at; but then there are those aspects that are just so hilariously strange/bad. Like Russell Crows over the top Irish accent, a flying horse, battles between demons and humans, miracles, supernatural elements and the Devil himself- played by a very over the top Will Smith.

Winter’s Tale is a book adaption of a very difficult book, and was more than likely never going to be a box office hit. But at least now we have this bizarre so bad it’s good romantic fantasy film that would be perfect for a bad movie night or possibly a new midnight movie.