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Daily Archives: December 17, 2016

Thomas H. Ince was responsible to conceive the production system adopted by Hollywood during its Golden Age. In 1912, “Inceville” was the first studio to test the following filmmaking method: a number of production units, each headed by a director, who had the responsibility of supervising a team of writers who delivered shooting scripts to their boss – Ince –… Read more »

17 December 2016 | Features, Other Lists

This was a very interesting year for Japanese cinema, for a number of reasons. In commercial terms, two were the most important productions of 2016: Toho’s reboot of the Godzilla franchise, for the third time in the kaiju’s history, and the release of the “Your Name” anime. The first one, titled “Godzilla Resurgence”, is one of the best entries in… Read more »

17 December 2016 | Features, Film Lists