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Daily Archives: December 4, 2016

Many sequels are unworthy, prequels rarely done right, and reboots too excessive in number. But now Hollywood has started a new trend: the spinoff. A rarity in past decades, spinoffs have come in full force over the last few years. And the reason for their exponential growth is the simple fact that several of them have worked. Consider the success… Read more »

04 December 2016 | Features, Film Lists

“[The Wild Bunch] is what happens when outlaws go to Mexico.” – Sam Peckinpah   If they move, kill ’em! Sam Peckinpah’s breakout picture is an outlaw epic that’s, in purely cinematic terms, a viciously graceful spectacle. With quick, startling cuts, slow motion splatter, multi-angle coverage, inventive sound design, superb cinematography and intricately arranged action scenes, Peckinpah and company utterly… Read more »

04 December 2016 | Features, Reviews

Park Chan-wook’s return to S. Korea from Hollywood, where he directed “Stoker”, also signaled his return to masterpieces, with “The Handmaiden” reaching the standards of his best films, like “Oldboy”. His passage from Hollywood did not have the same success his previous works had; however, Park seems to have implemented the aesthetics usually associated with American films in “The Handmaiden.”… Read more »

04 December 2016 | Features, Other Lists

With Lynne Ramsay’s miraculous Morvern Callar we are continually someplace else. In the cinema, outside of the cinema, in and out of time, passionately and profoundly in the reality of experience and most certainly in tactile transcendency. A film of startling beauty and immense intellect, Morvern Callar may, for some viewers, bypass any immediate emotional response as its protagonist is… Read more »

04 December 2016 | Features, Reviews