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Daily Archives: November 8, 2016

Released in 1941 Citizen Kane would eventually go on to be known as the ‘greatest film of all time’, it made a star of its director (also lead actor & ‘co-writer’) Orson Welles. Nominated for Academy Awards in nine categories, one can be forgiven for forgetting it didn’t actually win Best Picture (that went to John Ford’s How Green Was… Read more »

08 November 2016 | Features, Other Lists

Film is the most hybrid of art forms, taking ideas and traditions from many sources.  Perhaps the medium it owes the most to is the legitimate theater, being another platform for performing expressions of art. One long observed motif of the theater is the tradition of giving the production’s lead or prime featured player a grand entrance. This is understandable… Read more »

08 November 2016 | Features, Other Lists