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Daily Archives: October 21, 2016

The ‘70s were a tumultuous time for America, to say the least. Coming out of the idealism and liberty of the counter-culture movement that began in the mid-to-late ‘60s, which was quickly revealed to be a mess of new and old traditions. Although the 70’s is often looked back on with some negativity, it produced a new generation of quality… Read more »

21 October 2016 | Features, Film Lists

Mulholland Drive, David Lynch’s 2001, puzzling neo noir mystery-drama recently topped BBC Culture’s poll of the 21st Century’s 100 Greatest Films. It was a resounding triumph for the film because the poll asked 177 film critics from 36 countries to name their favourite films of the last 16 years. Despite beating the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be… Read more »

21 October 2016 | Features, Other Lists

A second batch of lesser-known films from all around the world adds a little bit more variety. One of the entries is so obscure it doesn’t even have an official international/English title, while some others are unfairly marginalized. From Hungarian film-opera to Thai romantic western-melodrama, you’ll certainly find something to your liking.   1. Diamonds of the Night (Jan Němec,… Read more »

21 October 2016 | Features, Film Lists