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Daily Archives: October 8, 2016

The first time I saw “Salo: 120 Days of Sodom”, I was fairly certain I was watching a documentary. I simply couldn’t conceive that a filmmaker (in this case, Pier Paolo Pasolini, who was ultimately murdered in what was referred to as a “mafia-style revenge killing”) would set about to put something so debauched on film (whether or not the… Read more »

08 October 2016 | Features, Other Lists

“I’m scared,” admits Wayne (Jeffrey Vincent Parise), “I’m not used to feeling things so strongly.” Poor, clueless, not-long-for-this-world Wayne, for Elaine (Samantha Robinson, excellent), a vivacious young witch, has already seduced and worked her brand black magic on him in Anna Biller’s amazingly audacious second feature, The Love Witch. Wayne’s not the first, nor will he be the last man… Read more »

08 October 2016 | Features, Reviews

As the quality of the films of the 50s continued through to the 60s, and the economical growth continued in an unwavering rhythm, Japanese cinema experienced its most prolific decade, with hundreds of movies produced from major and independent studios. This second aspect was an outcome of the rise of the Japanese New Wave, which started in the 50s and… Read more »

08 October 2016 | Features, Film Lists

Gestating since 2009 when Pedro Almodóvar acquired the rights to a trio of celebrated Canadian writer Alice Munro’s short stories (they all come from the same 2004 collection, “Runaway”), Julieta marks the provocative Spanish filmmakers 20th feature. Alternately beautiful and sad, Julieta is also obvious and self-indulgent, but is nonetheless a ravishing cinematic experience where certain colors––namely red and blue––jump… Read more »

08 October 2016 | Features, Reviews