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Daily Archives: September 23, 2016

Genre theory in many ways can be illustrated as a series of blue prints, aimed at understanding the reasoning for categorization in narrative story-telling. In filmmaking, studying these outlines helps identify common themes used, and why they are persistently reimagined in certain modes of story-telling. Some filmmakers will attempt to navigate around cliches in order to make their films stand-out… Read more »

23 September 2016 | Features, Film Lists

For whatever reasons, perhaps owing to puritanical societal views and an uptight body politic, films that detail eroticism are thought to be trashy, bottom of the barrel undertakings with little to offer beyond the cheapest of tawdry thrills. But boundary-pushing films needn’t all be about T and A and little else. Why some of the directors on this list include… Read more »

23 September 2016 | Features, Film Lists

No one should ever die because of the production of a film. However, mistakes happen, and with the moviemaking workforce sometimes going to great lengths to bring us sensational entertainment, lives may be lost in the process. Whether it’s due to horrific on-set accidents, or from illnesses contracted from film productions, or from the filmmaker’s own insanity, not even directors… Read more »

23 September 2016 | Features, People Lists