The 10 Best Movies Featuring Evil Clowns


You know that uncomfortable feeling you get when a clown is nearby for too long? There’s a name for that. Coulrophobia. The fear of clowns. Is it completely unfounded? According to this article on, France was overtaken by several seemingly random attackers in October 2014… and they were dressed as clowns. Check out these […]

10 Terrible Movies That Earned Tons Of Money At The Box Office

terrible movies bombed at box office

There have been many great films. like “Fight Club”, “Blade Runner”, “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Children of Men” that could barely recover their production budgets in their theatrical runs, and some terrible films that multiplied their box office numbers every weekend without giving audiences something worth watching. There could be several reasons for a bad […]

20 Overlooked Movies of Great Actors That Are Worth Your Time

Kalifornia (1993)

Movies can be overlooked for many reasons: The passage of time Bad timing upon initial release No advertising/promotion/backing from the studio Movie is sold to a different distributor Not having a wide theatrical release No award nominations Movie never finds wide appeal Whatever the reason, it is fun to go back and look at those […]

Pulling Focus: Double Indemnity (1944) & Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

Double Indemnity (1944)

“Since Double Indemnity, the two most important words in motion pictures are ‘Billy’ and ‘Wilder.’” – Alfred Hitchcock   Double, double, toil, and trouble Depending on who you ask, Double Indemnity –– one of the earliest A-budget studio noirs –– and the hard-boiled desperate dame and greedy man at its black and broken center, may […]