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Daily Archives: August 16, 2016

Founded by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Hers in 1974, Troma Entertainment is an American production and distribution company known for low budget films also known as Z-movies, a much lower grade of the B-movie genre. Their content has an abundance of exploitation themes, such as nudity, violence, gore, anarchistic humor and social commentary. Their slogan is “Movies of the Future”… Read more »

16 August 2016 | Features, Film Lists

The period in world history known as The Cold War covers a wide swath of time, extending through five decades. The seemingly never ending stand off between the United States and the Soviet Union played itself out in a wide array of films that now shed light on a period falling further into the past. During the 1950s Cold War… Read more »

16 August 2016 | Features, Film Lists

Tangled up in blue The terra incognita ferociousness on shrewd display in Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Ruin is a revelation. This small-scale genre picture, partially funded via Kickstarter, is a bloodstained revenge runs awry report, and it adds further evidence that American indie cinema is alive and well, even if the same cannot be said for the shattered and desolate characters… Read more »

16 August 2016 | Features, Reviews

Unlike most people, director Lars von Trier truly understands Adolf Hitler. Not in a weird way; he doesn’t have an altar for the Führer in his house. He understands the man, the human being behind the monster, because von Trier is a deep guy who doesn’t judge a book by its cover. Although the title “genocidal maniac” should be enough… Read more »

16 August 2016 | Features, Other Lists

Irish cinema has always been held in high esteem and can boast a catalogue of commercially successful and critically acclaimed films that often draw on Ireland’s strong literary and musical traditions. Undeterred by an economic recession, Irish cinema could be considered to be currently going through its most successful period. Irish films featuring heavily in the list of Oscar nominations… Read more »

16 August 2016 | Features, Film Lists