10 Great Movies That Were Banned Without Valid Reasons


In any country in the world, there are boards, critic groups, film centers that authorize the distribution of a certain film in a certain geographical area. Sometimes, artists face unfair bans and their films, though many of which might be considered to be masterpieces, are officially classified as pornographic, anti-moral or anti-Christian or anti-national. In the […]

The 25 Best Horror Movies of The 1960s


The sixties was a great decade for horror. We were introduced to a monster with a friendly face (Norman Bates), Hammer Films established Britain’s place in horror, Vincent Price became the face of horror, the zombie sub-genre started, movies consistently pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable, and films like Psycho and Night of the […]

The 20 Best Scenes in Indiana Jones Movies

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Filmmakers and friends Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were looking to collaborate on a film project together. They discussed the matinee serial films they had enjoyed as children and wanted to come up with a similar character. Additional supposed inspirations included real-life adventurers Sir Leonard Woolley and Roy Chapman Andrews as well as the fictional […]