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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Arrow Films recent release is a reality mini-series that originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK last year. It is an attempt to show the viewers one of the most physically and psychologically challenging military entrance programs in the world, selection into the Special Air Service (SAS). The SAS is the Special Forces unit of the British Army that… Read more »

26 July 2016 | Features, Reviews

Arrow Films newest release is the Blu-ray of the 2011 documentary titled Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan. It is a comprehensive and delightful documentary that tells the story of the highly influential career of Harryhausen and his influence on the current generation of directors and the world of modern-day special effects. It tells the chronological account of his career and… Read more »

26 July 2016 | Features, Reviews

In any country in the world, there are boards, critic groups, film centers that authorize the distribution of a certain film in a certain geographical area. Sometimes, artists face unfair bans and their films, though many of which might be considered to be masterpieces, are officially classified as pornographic, anti-moral or anti-Christian or anti-national. In the following list are films that… Read more »

26 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists

The sixties was a great decade for horror. We were introduced to a monster with a friendly face (Norman Bates), Hammer Films established Britain’s place in horror, Vincent Price became the face of horror, the zombie sub-genre started, movies consistently pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable, and films like Psycho and Night of the Living Dead inspired the gore-frenzy… Read more »

25 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists

Ever since moviemaking became an industry, lots of movies have been followed up by a sequel or sequels, and it is no secret that in most cases, a sequel is rarely as good as the movie before it. In most cases a sequel, however unnecessary it might be, can be enjoyable if one happens to like the original, and in… Read more »

25 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists

Lars von Trier is a sick man. Lars von Trier is a wicked man. And yet, Lars von Trier is an incredibly talented and thought provoking filmmaker. His works are rough, violent, and graphic, so much so that I can’t really recommend a single one of them to a broad audience (with the exception of Europa). That said, any real… Read more »

25 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists

Coming of age is a necessary and fascinating part of life. It’s awkward, messy, and almost never goes the way we planned. First loves, new friends, and the kick start to life ambitions – this time in a person’s life often shapes what they like and who they’ll become. Lucky for us – cinema has been there to capture every… Read more »

24 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists

Filmmakers and friends Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were looking to collaborate on a film project together. They discussed the matinee serial films they had enjoyed as children and wanted to come up with a similar character. Additional supposed inspirations included real-life adventurers Sir Leonard Woolley and Roy Chapman Andrews as well as the fictional characters of Allan Quatermain and… Read more »

24 July 2016 | Features, Other Lists

Sometimes with certain movies it can be more fun to root for the bad guys or to identify with antiheroes who behave in morally questionable ways. Wish fulfillment escapism of this nature is pretty normal, most people’s nine-to-five is seldom as exciting as, say, being paid a king’s ransom to “kill the president of Paraguay with a fork.” It’s no… Read more »

24 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists

In most cases, an actor’s resume is a great indicator of overall skill level. A plethora of underwhelming b-movies or lackluster indie films usually point to a performer that has little more to offer audiences than a warm body that can capably recite lines on cue. However, some actors seem to consistently go above and beyond their respective film histories,… Read more »

23 July 2016 | Features, People Lists

“Movies are so rarely great art that if we cannot appreciate great trash we have very little reason to be interested in them.” – Pauline Kael   I like to watch Tout de suite from its opening shot of a pea-soupy cemetery at sunset, a deliberately clichéd title font gauchely and accurately suggests we’re in genre territory. The camera pulls… Read more »

23 July 2016 | Features, Reviews

Lots and lots of lists have been written about the merits of great director’s feature film debuts. Of course that is no surprise, because what’s more fun than looking at a great filmmaker’s first film and finding the differences and similarities compared to their other work? In the history of cinema there have been many first films that have achieved… Read more »

23 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists

Since its earliest days, cinema has been endowed with a sense of glitz, glamor and elegance. For the stars, adored by scores of fans on the eternal red carpet, image is vital to success. Hand tailored suits and designer dresses glisten and sparkle enticingly from the outside. However, within the films themselves, costume design and style is as much an… Read more »

22 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists

A relatively common trope in horror films and psychological thrillers, the concept of human experiments is truly horrific due to the realities of their existence. From World War II Nazi experiments to the birth of psychology field testing, the implantation of testing humans has resulted in a lot of suffering, but also a lot of knowledge about human behavior. Therefore,… Read more »

22 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists

This one is pretty self-explanatory. We have had some pretty bad films so far this year, especially because we are beyond the halfway point. These are some of my personal and overall critic and audience choices for some of the worst films of the year so far. If you like these movies, good for you, enjoy them with pride. I… Read more »

21 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists

What innovative director Quentin Tarantino has done best since his inspiring emergence of 1992’s heist thriller, the fundamental “Reservoir Dogs”, is undoubtedly in the eye of the beholder, some would argue it’s his captivating storytelling and smart narrative direction, whilst others would debate it’s his unique, stylised flair, self-aware panache and ground-breaking helming that most significantly defines him. Whereas again,… Read more »

21 July 2016 | Features, Other Lists